Items around our Home | #3

I haven't done one of these posts in a while now and I'm not quite sure why, as we've added quite a few new bits and bobs to our home lately. But here I am, back with post number 3 of 'items around our home'. And today I am sharing our three newest items.

I love my house smelling fresh and clean but with four cats with four cat bowls full of cat food sitting and smelling in my kitchen next door to my living room this wasn't always possible. I used to use the normal standard air fresheners, the type you simply spray but the fresh smell never seems to last with them. And so I wanted something with a nice pleasant smell but that would actually last and stick around for a while longer. This reed diffuser features such a gorgeous scented oil and it's beautifully presented in a pyramid shaped cut glass. You also get the rattan reeds that you use with it. It has really been such a great newcomer to the house for us. 

It sounds totally silly but it is actually hard for me to put into words how much I love our new throw. It is beyond super soft, literally beyond and I adore the colour.  It is absolutely massive and I can wrap myself up in it and snuggle in front of the television on the sofa in the evenings when it's getting cold. (Yeah - I often do.) It would probably cover nearly the whole of my king size bed though I haven't yet tried as I love having it downstairs. I am actually thinking of getting another for the bedroom though as I have never ever felt such a soft throw ever before. It is totally worth every single penny - especially at this time of year when it's bitter cold outside! (It's from QVC UK).

Cat Design Mat - £47.95

We finally have a new mat! We'd needed something a bit better than our previous black standard mat for a little while now. And even though it was so hard to choose from some of the fabulous designs from the company we went with, I'm so pleased with our choice of design (it had to be cats!) from Turtle Mat. I love the design, not only because there are cats on it, but because it feels modern and contemporary and it really suits the rest of our decor. And as you can see Ethan's had a little test of it and I think it's a big hit with him too! ;) 

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  1. We also have a reed diffuser, so effective when you have pets :)

  2. I have reed diffusers and plug ins every where but not as pretty as that one x