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We moved into our new house in March of this year and I've never looked back. I love the area we live in and I love what we've managed to do with the place so far. However, our kitchen, which was done new by the previous owners really just isn't to our taste. We've managed to add odd accessories to it and it's sort of made it bearable, but the long term plan would definitely be to re-do it ourselves.

bright modern rustic kitchen

The thing with moving is the amount of money it all costs and then when you move in it's the initial large sum of money that you spend doing the important need-to-do jobs and putting your own sort of 'stamp' on the house to make it feel like your proper home. Next on our list of need-to-do jobs is hopefully a garage conversion (subject to planning permission!). We have a three bedroom house but my Husband Adam uses the third room for his Lego business and it is quite literally overflowing with an epic amount of Lego! We plan on having another child so we'll need that room and so the all of his lego will need to find a new home (hence why we are thinking of having our garage converted!).  

So with the garage conversion hopefully happening next year, that leaves us quite a few steps back financially when it comes to owning our dream kitchen, but that's okay, these things can't all be done at once. However, a girl can dream can't she?..And dream I shall. Here's my mood board showing what my dream kitchen would (hopefully) look something like. I spent ages browsing the web and putting this all together and now I sort of feel like I want to walk downstairs into my kitchen and see all of this already. (Yeah, I'm going to be heavily disappointed for a few years!). 

Places that I know that I will be shopping at when it does come to our kitchen renovation include..


- Next - I ADORE Next - they make me very poor (but oh so happy indeed!) I could probably pick up a similar vase in there and the dining room table and chairs as I've seen very similar in there before. 

Kitchen Units

-IKEA - they have some lovely bits too, very minimalistic (very me!), they've also started selling kitchens now so I could probably have a browse there for my kitchen units. 


- I'd shop online at Beko for my appliances, a modern kitchen has to have the Beko built in appliances and they offer the best creating a sleek, visually integrated look which is exactly what we'll be going for! 

 What does your dream kitchen look like?

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*Mood board created in association with Beko. - you can read my blogs disclosure policy here.

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  1. Great post Alex. I just love your style, you always have great designs pinned on Pinterest as well. Hopefully one day you will get your dream Kitchen but I know the feeling of having to live with what is already in. I have a 'lovely' 80s style kitchen which I would love to rip out but to many other things need done first. You can check out how I updated it here http://www.homelifewithheather.co.uk/2014/10/kitchen-makeover-part-1-painting.html?m=1
    It's not a anywhere near close to what I dream of but its certainly a lot better.