Home Decor: A Guide to Buying Bathrooms Online

A bathroom is a big purchase and there is a lot of choice out there. Buying your bathroom online takes a certain leap of faith and may put some people out of their comfort zone. However, there is money to be saved by purchasing your bathroom from a website. It is important that you are careful in your decision-making and ensure that you get the best guarantees and are free to replace any items which may not be right for your needs. Here are some more considerations to take on board when buying your bathroom online.

This is the area which will have the most benefit on your new bathroom preparations online. However, you can still make your money go further no matter how much you are willing to spend. Sites such as http://www.idealstandard-sales.co.uk/ have some excellent discounted items with up to 60% off some products. If you are looking to spend a little more on your bathroom take into account factors such as how long you are staying in your current home (and whether the style of bathroom you are choosing will add value) and what new trends in bathrooms are on the horizon. For example, shower curtains are practically obsolete these days as more and more people are opting for Perspex screens instead.

Bathroom suite or purchasing items separately
Choosing to buy a whole bathroom suite or buying items separately is a decision which may lead to cutting costs however this will change depending on the retailer. It is common practice for a retailer to offer discount on full sets to encourage larger purchases from their store but it is becoming more common for stores to offer incentives on mix and matching items.

There are different ways to heat a bathroom aside from the standard radiator. A decent towel rail will kill two birds with one stone by drying towels and making your bathroom a warm and cosy space. These are ideal for smaller spaces such as ensuite bathrooms. 

Before choosing the material and finish of your bathroom it is a good idea to visit a show room in person to make sure you know exactly what the products pictured on the website look like in real life. You may feel there is a big decision to be made between a steel or an acrylic bath. There is minimal difference between the two materials only that steel baths tend to cool slightly quicker than acrylic ones and there is usually more variety of design in acrylic baths as they are easier to mould.

Consult a Plumber

Before taking the plunge, run your ideas past a tradesperson who will be able to advise about such vital factors as cost of installation, water pressure and other practicalities. This will save you committing to a design which may not work in practice and they may have ideas about maximising the space in your bathroom – an all-important element of bathroom design.

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