You're a 90s kid if...

You're a 90's kid if you remember all or most of these...

  • Rewinding your music tape with a pencil
  • Collecting Pokemon cards and hoping to one day get that shiny Charizard.
  • Collecting equally as many pogs.
  • Playing Sonic on the Sega.
  • Or even playing star raiders on an Atari!
  • Chewing on golf ball gum.
  • Owning a Nokia 3310 or even a 3210.
  • Losing the lids off of your gel pens - multiple times. 
  • Watching any or all of the following - Hey Arnold, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Laboratory and the very strange - Cow and Chicken. (Seriously - what was up with that?!)
  • Wishing Jumanji was a real game.
  • Having to come off of the phone because someone wanted to use the Internet, which took AGES to dial up and was very loud in doing so!
  • Practising Spice Girls moves - we all did it!
  • Buying Girl Talk or Mizz magazine. 
  • Owning a electronic secret diary, remember the pink oblong shaped ones?
  • Spending hours learning to rollerblade.
  • Sitting on your own inflatable furniture.. the armchairs specifically.
  • Owning a Pollypocket. 
  • Trying to take care of your pet on your Tamagotchie, but mostly forgetting about it.
  • Reading the very brilliant Goosebumps books and even watching the episodes on TV.
  • Instead of texting.. passing hand written notes to people specifically at school and if you were brave enough even to your love interest ;)
  • Making and playing games with folded up pieces of paper. Particularly the game where you would choose a colour, then unwrap the colour, then choose something else until you got right down to the bottom. 
  • Playing Guess Who - what a brilliant game!
  • Wearing stick on earrings. 
  • Playing Solitaire because the dial up Internet decided it wasn't going to dial up that day. 
  • Spending pocket money on 'lucky bags' or if you didn't have enough money - penny sweets.
  • Burning CD's and usually fitting about 21 songs on it. 
  • Taping songs of the radio - totally guilty of this.
  • Practising tricks on your yoyo.
  • Getting annoyed because the movie you rented from the video store hadn't been rewound by the person that rented it out before you!
I've been busy pinning some of my other favourite childhood memories here.

What what your favourite item of your childhood?

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  1. Wow, so many of these ring a bell for me! I totally made mix tapes off the radio. Probably spent HOURS doing that! And I had huge amounts of stick on earrings before I got mine pierced at 13.

  2. ah yes I remember most if not all of these things.

  3. Awh this brought me back, I remember everything. Such simple, fun days - a proper childhood! I'd go back just play with Polly Pocket and Barbie again! :)

  4. omg the big pack with all the felt tips and pens in!!! I had about 20!

  5. Losing the lid to just one of those felt pens could devastate you for an entire week!


  6. Aaaah I remember all of this stuff! Loved this post, happy memories!
    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  7. I remember so many of those! I had forgotten all about my electronic secret diary! And yoyos were just the coolest thing! So many happy memories!!

  8. I had that exact Barbie doll! What a weird one? Loved my Polly Pocket too, there is a few on there that I didn't have but my friends did and I was so jealous, like the secret diary!! x

  9. LOL! Love this! I totally remember getting mad about having to rewind tapes after someone would rent them. You would have to sit there for what seemed like forever for it to rewind!

  10. Oh my goodness I love this Alex- I remember every single one of these! xx

  11. Oh I had totally forgot about my electronic diary haha i loved that and I remember being SUCH a rebel and sneaking my tamagotchi into school, love this x