The new best way to plan your dream holiday!

I don't ever want to wish away time with Ethan as I cherish every moment with him and adore the age he is at at the moment but I cannot wait for the day I will be able to take him to Disney Land.

As a child I never went on holiday with my family outside of the UK but as many children do, Ive always dreamt of how magical it would be to go to America and visit Disneyland.

When we came to organising our honeymoon a couple of years ago we were originally planning to go to America but one of the things that put us off travelling abroad was working out which flights to take and how much we should be paying for them. 

Now that we have Ethan, we want to be more adventurous and take holidays outside of the UK. And having recently discovered Amadeus.net we feel that we actually have the confidence to start doing that.

Amadeus is a brand new, very exciting travel site where you can simply enter your dream holiday destination and the date range and it will show you all the available flight dates and prices for that period of time.

What makes this website unique is the fact that when you have searched for your destination you can then make it into a travel plan, name it, tag it, write a description and then you can share it with your friends or certain people and they can use the plan to find flights of there own so if the whole family is going together you can choose the same flights!

The website had some great other features for planning the whole holiday such as the tools section to check things like what time it is currently, what the weather is like, and also a section on currency and conversions. 

Ive already planned my dream Disney trip for Ethan and made it available for public viewing so that my friends can see it. Have a look and see what you think at it here: Our dream trip to Disney Land.

Another great advantage to using Amadeus is that businesses can also reduce costs by using the tool to plan meetings around lower fare times! And soon hotels will be added and over time other functionality will be added.
Why not have a go at building your own dream (or actual) destination plan? It’s so easy to use and really helps put your mind at ease knowing you’re getting the best deal.

(Oh and remember that it’s a non-transactional site. You cannot purchase anything directly from this site. So no matter how well you plan your trip, you have to leave the site in order to complete the transaction. So go ahead - have fun planning your dream holiday!)
Watch a video of how the site works here.

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  1. It's funny that you want to come visit the US, and I want to visit England. I have dreamed of visiting England since I was 7! I hope your Disneyland dream comes true!

  2. Oooh I'd love to go to Disney! I`m more inclined for Eurodisney though coz I dont fly lol xx