Our Weekend Away

I love nothing more than my family. Spending time with Ethan and Adam is everything to me. Being a Mum is challenging but it is absolutely the best thing in the world. And when we are all together as a three, words can't describe how that feels.

But I also believe it is so important to have breaks from each other now and again, I think it's healthy and it teaches us all that it's okay to be apart. And this sets us up for life and the many times that we do have to be apart.

This weekend Adam and I took a trip to London. Ethan stayed with his Grandparents on Adams side for three nights whilst we were away. And we all had such a wonderful time. Adam and I got to reconnect and spend quality time as just us two and Ethan got to explore his Grandparent's house and garden and spend quality time with them and his Auntie Ellie. It was a wonderful break for us all.

In London, Adam and I first stopped off in the rather posh area of Knightsbridge so that I could have my first ever facial. Adam went off to the Victoria and Albert museum, which he says was brilliant and free to get in. And I went to meet the lovely Sherelle at Linda Meredith who talked me through what my facial would entail and also discussed with me a bit of a back story as to Linda's approach to clearer, healthier, skin.

After my facial, I felt amazing! I had gone in there wondering if it would be my type of thing, thinking that perhaps it was just a sort of 'lotions and potions' type of approach to beauty. But I was wrong, my skin has never felt so clean and clear! Sherelle seriously made me feel like I was glowing and I left with a huge smile on my face, two complimentary products to keep my face clear and a much better insight in to what causes lumps, bumps and lines on my face and how to prevent them. I spent the next few hours walking around London feeling like my face was glowing - it was brilliant!

After that, Adam and I strolled over to a few London landmarks and ended up taking a couple of selfies (as you do). It was a lovely way to spend an hour actually - it was nice to walk around hand in hand and enjoy the fresh air and amazing vibe of London. I couldn't live in London myself, as I'm much more of a country person but I do hold a special place in my heart for the vibe that exists in our capital! London certainly has atmosphere!

After that it was on to Tibits - an all vegetarian restaurant that even the meat-eaters can't say no to. Inside, the atmosphere was great - it was lovely to see so many people inside enjoying their meals! The decor was modern and clean and the seating and layout was just perfect, with ample outdoor seating too. The duty manager was probably the most friendliest manager I've ever come across in a restaurant and it was so nice of him to take so much time out to explain how the buffet style system worked. At Tibits you can choose from over 40 homemade vegetarian and vegan foods. You then pay by weight, so you can take as much or as little as you want and only pay for what you eat. It's a brilliant idea and such an amazing way to be able to try more gorgeous tasting veggie food. It just means that you're not limited to one choice, and so naturally I had a but of everything. I absolutely loved Tibits and so did Adam. We absolutely cannot fault it in any way. Tibits is truly the perfect spot for breakfast, after work drinks, an evening meal or a a quick take-away! We will definitely be going back!

After Tibits we made a quick stop at our hotel just to dump our overnight bag. We stayed at the Travelodge in Southwark which was very close to our next stop - the O2 arena to see Ant and Dec's Takeaway on Tour from the comfort of a cosy VIP suite! It was all rather exciting! It was our fist time at the O2 and it really is such a brilliant venue, I would absolutely love to go back and watch someone else, perhaps a musical performer, in the future. I finally got to meet my lovely friend and fellow blogger Kerry from Lived with Love and I also met into the lovely Laura from The Life and Times of the Working Mum which was really nice, as they shared the suite with us. Ant and Dec were as funny as they are on the TV and Jonathan Ross and Ashley Roberts were special guests alongside a performance of river dancers - which made my night as I've always wanted to see river dancers perform live. The VIP suite was awesome, and it was an amazing end to an an amazing day!

We then went back to our room at the Travelodge and had a lovely nights sleep in a very comfy bed. We had stunning views of London by night from our window which was a great little bonus! And though there were train lines just outside, I didn't wake up once all night. I would totally recommend the Travelodge at Southwark if you are staying in London, especially if you are going to the O2. I really don't think it's worth splashing out on a megabucks luxury hotel if you're just using it as a base like we were. If you've seen the adverts from Travelodge on the TV about their 'Get up and Go' campaign, you'll know that they market themselves as a great place for individuals/couples/families to to base themselves from, to then get up and go to explore what Britain has to offer. It's all you really need when exploring London!

The next day Adam and I checked-out and went off to do a little shopping on Regent Street - stopping, of course, in the wonderful Hamleys to pick Ethan a little something up before heading back home to give him lots and lots of cuddles. 

Our weekend was perfect and we feel like we had so much time to reconnect with each other. We'd like to say a big thank you to Linda Meredith, Tibits and the Travelodge who provided us with complimentary services. And of course an even bigger thank you to Adams parents and his Sister Ellie (Ethans Grandpop, Grandma and Auntie) who took such amazing care of Ethan whilst we were away. <3 


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! And you managed to do so much too! I'd love to get away to London for a weekend away with the hubby- I've not had a night away from Freddie yet! eek! That's a fab idea about staying at the Travelodge too xx

  2. Aw it looks and sounds as though you had an absolutely amazing time x

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend. The restaurant sounds fab :) x

  4. Wow it sounds like a lovely weekend and what a lot of fun you had. I love the photo of you and Kerry. And the vegetarian restaurant sounds amazing. x

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I still haven't plucked up the courage to let Amelia stay anywhere over night yet haha mind you she's still not sleeping through so don't think my parents would be pleased lol! Wish I had taken the tickets too now sounds like a fantastic night! xx