Backing Brands I Love!

Yesterday I introduced you to Gemma from Keepsakes from My Sewing Room (you can read the full post here) and I told you how in love with her creations I am and how selective I am now of the brands that I choose to work with. 

Well today I have some more amazing news, and it's about a company that I personally really rate. In fact, I think the brand that I am talking about is highly rated by many many Mums, Dads, children and babies across the world - it's the one and only Fisher-Price. 

I don't know quite what it is, perhaps it's the gorgeous bright colours, or the pure interaction element, or even the fantastic reputation that Fisher Price toys have, but there's just something about them that I trust and that I love.

I've said many times before that Fisher-Price are one of my favourite 'big' brands for babies and children and now I am lucky enough to be working with them and to be an official Fisher-Price Mum, which I am hugely grateful for. 

In my role I, or rather - Ethan, will be testing a selection of Fisher-Price toys suitable for his age and stage to ensure they suit him as he grows and develops. We will be taking lots of photographs, a short video and providing in depth detail about the product and our experience with it. It goes without saying that my thoughts will be entirely my own. Fisher-Price have asked for a totally honest review, and that is what I always provide with any product that makes it's way on to my blog, for the benefit of my readers and my own integrity. 

My reviews will be featured on the Fisher-Price Mums website, which is here. It's a lovely little corner of Fisher-Price's website, with honest product reviews from real-life Mums split into categories relating to their babies/childs age. It's really worth a look, if you're like me and love the Fisher-Price brand. 

The first review will be of the Little People City Skyway Playset and will be live sometime around October. :)

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