Sneak Peak into a Competition you WONT want to miss!

I am very selective on what I choose to review here on Bump to Baby, I see no point in accepting reviews for products or services that I really don't feel would bring anything to my site. And I don't like to promise brands or individuals exposure unless I am truly behind their product. 

I have written about so many wonderful products in the time I have been writing here on Bump to Baby, but I think I may have just found my personal favourite. And I think it might just end up becoming yours too!

And because I think this particular product and brand is something to get very excited about, I even asked the (seriously lovely) owner and creator if she wouldn't mind creating something for one of my (eventual VERY lucky) readers, to which she replied that she'd love to! And well, that makes me seriously excited for whoever will go on to win this amazing prize!

See, it's not a brand new car that you'll win or a big wad of cash, no, it's something a LOT more priceless and sentimental than that - take a look below..

This isn't just a very cute lion teddy bear, it is a very cute lion teddy bear that is made completely from my Sons newborn (and slightly older) clothes!

Everything you see here - Ethan wore! (..well all except the cute red ribbon around Mr Lions neck and the fabric around head as the mane - that was one of Ethans blankets..) And then there's the extra personalisation.. on the lions back paws Ethan's name and weight at birth are written. And then on the other paw is the date he was born.

(Images of part of the creation stage that Gemma sent to me)

The amount of detail that Gemma from Keepsakes From My Sewing Room has gone into to create this for me is quite literally insane. The time that she has put in to this is obvious. There are no faults or flaws to it. It is hands down the best keepsake for your child that money can buy.

She also made me a stunning cushion for Ethan (again personalised and made with Ethans own clothes) which I am going to show you in the next post, which will feature the competition and details how to enter.

The amazing prize is going to be one lucky winners choice of animal (you can see the animals that Gemma creates over on her website: here.) It will be completely personalised with your own childs clothing and choice of words! And trust me; This is a giveaway you will NOT want to miss!


  1. I love these! I want to get one for Darcie but holding out to see if we have baby number two anytime soon (if we are so lucky) because there are some items that I would love to dress another girl (if we had another girl etc) if not then they will be made into one of these! I think they're gorgeous! Such a great giveaway

    Kay xxx


  2. What an amazing keepsake! I'll keep this in mind for once I've had my baby! x

  3. Amazing. Just... amazing. I was talking about doing something like this with Jasmine's clothes the other day. I will certainly be keeping my eyes peeled for the competition. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps x

  4. What a lovely keepsake! I saw Gemma's creations not long ago and have been meaning to sort through Amelias clothes to see what we can use :) xx

  5. The best type of clothing keepsakes I've ever seen! I'm with Kay (mummy burgess) in that I want to hold on to the clothes for another baby!

    I'm sure I could find a few bits to put together I'm so happy you've shared this and I will defiantly be putting in an order x

  6. Oh. My, Goodness. What an utterly gorgeous keepsake. What a wonderful idea. The lion is gorgeous! I have kept all my son's clothes in case I ever have another boy but he has so many! Can't wait to see the next post ;)
    Amelia @ Oh Little One Sweet x

  7. These are brilliant! I have 2 suitcases of clothes from my first, what better way to make use of the them if I don't have another girl. Thanks for sharing! X

  8. I love these kind of keepsakes! I will definitely be keeping my eye out for the giveaway :) x