Me and You: September 2014

I'm joining in with Lucy from Dear Beautiful this month and hopefully every coming month for the 'Me and You' family portrait project. 

I am a huge romantic and wear my heart proudly on my sleeve, so am very happy to share a snap of me and my lovely Husband Adam every month. 

In fact this month I'm sharing two..

The first is from our trip to London. We had so much fun in London and it was so nice to have space to reconnect as a couple. We are so close in our everyday life and having Ethan hasn't changed that at all, but it is nice to have some 'us' time every now and again and go and do things that is sometimes a little harder when you have a baby. (Like travel to London and go to the O2 arena!)

And the second is of on my 26th birthday at Bourton-on-the-water. Ethan was actually with us here, he was very close to being asleep in his pram, bless him! Thankfully, Adam's become a bit of a master at taking selfies with our DSLR - so we can get nice pictures of us like this one. It's so lovely when we're both in the shot as it's usually one of us behind the lens. :)

Oh and yes, Adam's wearing the same shirt in both, it's a bit of a favourite of his ;)

dear beautiful

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  1. You are the master of the selfie! Looking good! ;) These are lovely photo's. Looks like you had fun both times. It's so nice to get away isn't it. Glad you got some time alone and away from being a Mummy, it's important! And makes it so nice when you get back!!! x x

  2. Beautiful photos. I need to master the art of selfies!

  3. How have I never seen this linky before?!

    Lovely pics! I agree, couple time is important xx