Are Kids Safe in the Playground?

When it comes to private playgrounds, for example at the Brownies or Scouts hall, you have a right to speak out when your child could be at risk.  It’s not something we want to really think about, but in this day and age you can never be too careful!

So what’s a parent to do? You may have a right to speak up if you feel there is a security concern for whatever reason, but it can be hard. What’s most important is to approach it in the right way, offering sensible suggestions for how the playground area can be made safer for everybody.

You may deem the playground unsafe for any number of reasons, but no matter what the issue, it’s crucial to be armed with options for every eventuality.

So, for example, let’s imagine the playground is a bit of a jungle. If it’s untidy and there are trip hazards and the playground is overgrown, you might want to suggest a local landscaping company (which you can find through sites like Rated People) to come in and clear things up. What’s better, get a rough price from them so that you can present the playground owner with something concrete (pardon the pun). Decorative aggregate can make a big difference, as having the right kind of gravel around edges can really tidy things up and remove the hazard of any jagged flooring edges.

Another concern may be fencing. Whilst the world may not be as bad as the Daily Mail makes out, you still don’t want strangers to be walking onto the playground when your kids are on there. Companies like HC Courts can put fencing up to contain any area, such as a playground or sports surface used by kids.

Equipment can be another worry. Play equipment is made of some pretty hard wearing materials, but it inevitably will wear out eventually and develop some jagged edges and other concerns. Speak to the playground owner if you’re worried and suggest getting some new kit. New playground equipment can be pricey, but as a general rule it does last a long time so is a worthwhile investment to avoid any accidents!

Most owners of private play areas are focused on child safety, just as much as you are. They don’t want any legal claims of liability coming through from parents. For parents and guardians it is very easy to claim against others for things like this if an incident happens. Solicitors like Taylor Rose can support you in any claim you do have to make, but hopefully it won’t come to that.

Speak to the owner of the playground or organization and get things sorted before it gets to that stage if you can to ensure the safety of your children at the playground. After all, normally everyone involved in this kind of activity will want the best for the children and have the best intentions.

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