Recent Purchases

Those random days out in to town where you end up returning home with bags of purchases that you probably didn't need but just HAD to get anyway - are the best, right?!

One of my favourite stores to go to on these types of days is New Look. I so much prefer it over places like Topshop as they are have such lovely stuff, but the price tag doesn't make your mouth drop!

Here are some of the things that I picked up on my last shop..

I am in love with my new watch - I adore the colour. I know there are some absolutely beautiful watches about these days but most of them are leather and so go straight on the 'no' list. Where as this one isn't and it looks fab on! Plus it was only something like £12! -  Bargain!

This was such an impulse buy, I picked it up whilst queueing! They place things like this to tempt you in the long queues and it always works on me! It's such a cute little lunch box though right? And it was only £3 in the sale! How could I say no? It will be perfect for work!

I always find it so difficult to buy shoes - I have such weird, wide feet. So I am a huge fan of New Looks 'Wide fit range'! I went upstairs in our local store to try and find a belt, but ended up browsing the sale shoes (as you do!). And there glistening right at me where these! I loved them straight away, then I realised they were size 7 and I loved them so much more. And then I realised they were 'wide fit' and I got just a little more excited. And then when I saw their sale price of £12... well, that was it - they were mine!

 I was on the hunt for some pretty hair accessories, when I came across these. I got a pack of three little crocodile clips and this stunning gold, sparkly slide clip (pictured above) which I love. They were literally like a couple of quid each and they are so pretty! Perfect for just throwing my hair back out of my face! 

Hope you like the look of my new purchases, which is your favourite? 


  1. Love the watch and little hair clips! x

  2. I love the watch i definitely need one

  3. Lovely. I haven't been properly shopping for a while (toddler and a newborn) but pretty much love everything you've got - must hit up New Look!


  4. I Love New Look so much! I miss my staff discount! :(
    The watch looks so much more expensive. I wish I could wear a watch! (My wrist comes out in hives whenever I try!).
    I have loads of those little butterfly clips from New Look, they are so cute! xxx

  5. Oh yes I am a HUGE new look fan too. Love that watch! I love the prices as well, everything is very reasonable. x x

  6. I really like New Look too- it's one of the only shops in our town but I find they have some great pieces just for everyday. xx

  7. LOVE the watch, peach is my favourite colour at the moment, i have an obsession with peach, mint and gold! Those hair clips are super cute too! xxx

    Vikki @ Love From Mummy

  8. Ooh that watch is lovely- I love the rose gold! The hair clips are gorgeous too! I also find buying shoes really hard and often opt for boots x
    Amelia @ ohlittleonesweet.blogspot.co.uk