Keeping Toddlers + Children Entertained Outdoors

When the weather is nice you will want you and your little ones to spend as much time outdoors as you possibly can. As with any type of activity, you want to ensure that your children have plenty of variety so that they do not get bored very quickly. There are a number of ways that you can keep your children entertained outdoors, spending quality time with them while making lasting family memories together. Here are just a few ways to enjoy the good weather with your kids.

Utilise Garden Equipment  
Children always enjoy spending time outdoors, even if it is just playing in the back garden for a few hours. There are a lot of toys and games that children can play within the confines of your home garden. Ranging from playing on large pieces of equipment such as Wicken Toys Climbing Frames to simple games such as skittles, giving children the option to play with what they want will prevent them from becoming bored very quickly. You could place everything from skipping ropes to basketball nets and a playhouse out in the garden and see what kind of games they can dream up. If they are out in the garden for most of the day chances are they will play with everything at some point or other.
Take them Walking 
Going for a walk is a simple, free activity that you can enjoy with children of all ages. Babies can be pushed in their strollers and older children will be able to walk by themselves while taking in their surroundings. It is also an activity that can be carried out anywhere. Even if you live in quite a built up area, your children will still enjoy the opportunity to be out in the open air and there may be points of interest that you can point out to them along the route. If you have friends that also have children you should consider inviting them along for some extra company and incorporate a game such as eye-spy into your walk for some extra fun.

Local Playground  
Taking your children to a local playground will give them the opportunity to interact with other children. They will also have access to equipment that they may not have at home such as slides and swings. Children can easily spend hours at the playground if you let them, so it might be worth considering bringing something with you to break up the playtime. If you take a picnic then you can give the children some time to play before they sit and have lunch in the open air. 

Spending time with your children outdoors is always an enjoyable way to pass the glorious sunny days. By varying the activities that you do, this time can be made even more enjoyable. The suggestions listed here are just a starting point. There are quite literally hundreds of things you can do with your family when the sun is shining. Think about where you live, what facilities are nearby and you’ll quickly see there is no shortage of ways to keep your kids entertained outdoors.


  1. Doesn't he look adorable with his recent haircut! Such a cute little boy! Happy two years today possum. xx

  2. Dear Alex, this is a lovely little blog post. One of the activities that I have found really appeals to young children on a portrait shoot, is blowing bubbles. When I'm photographing siblings, I make it a competition to see who's bubble can go the furthest. I keeps them entertained for a good half an hour, or sometimes longer - until the bottle is empty!

  3. Great tips here lovely! xxx p.s. He is one of the trendiest little boys i know, LOVE his style!

    Vikki @ Love From Mummy