Preparing Your Home For Parenting

Glass chandeliers. Cream carpets. ‘Feature’ walls. All things we’ve most likely dreamt of at some point or other as being part of our home. But when kids come along, suddenly priorities change. Suddenly *sob*, we’re thinking about space. Safety. Security. The grown-up stuff! As much as we still keep house proud where we can, it’s inevitable that things that are a little too fancy can get ruined by little ones. It’s not their fault! It’s just what they do!

You’ll most likely want to start thinking about practical things, such as carpets that won’t stain when there are spillages or ‘little accidents’. As for getting a baby gate – if you have stairs, these aren’t really ‘optional’, they’re pretty much a must have. Then there are plug sockets to think of. Have you covered these up? They can look especially inviting to tiny little fingers. Minuscule objects should be hidden away, pets should be kept at a distance and any dangerous substances should be locked up completely. It’s exhausting, yes, but it’s got to be done – all part and parcel of being a parent!
When it comes to space, you may even find that your current home isn’t quite big enough. A lot of us, especially the so-called ‘Millennials’ out there (those of us in our twenties and early thirties), have already struggled to buy a place as it is – mortgages don’t come cheap, so a lot of us stay renting. But if you are lucky enough to own a place of your own, there’s nothing to say you can’t convert rooms or even build extensions to accommodate an extra human being! Good, local and reliable builders like Steve Gilbert are ideal here, as they’ll work with you to your exact requirements. Every town will most likely have someone similar – word of mouth is your best bet in these situations, as other people in your boat can tell you the pros and cons. 

Every little thing in our world that we take for granted is new – and potentially exciting – to a child. Of course, you can’t keep them in a bubble forever, they have to see the world and learn for themselves! But while they’re too little to know right from wrong, you can of course eliminate risks, keep them under a watchful eye and keep them out of harm’s way as much as possible! They’re you’re most precious thing, after all… everything else is worth sacrificing.

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  1. We are gradually getting the house back to how we would like it to be. Toys are in bedrooms, the leather sofa is going to be changed to a lovely fabric one in the new year and plans are afoot to extend and make more room for us all...Yay! Although there are still no carpets downstairs...with muddy shoes and hundreds of feet going over it everyday, flooring is best. x