And in other news.. My Cat thinks he's a Dog

There probably is no other cat like my Charlie cat.. He's somewhat, particularly unique to say the very least.. 

The background to him is that we rescued him from an RSPCA shelter local to us at the time.. Wanting a fourth (yes, I did just say fourth) cat, we found ourselves wandering excitedly down the long aisle of the cattery - excited by the prospect of another furry friend to add to the somewhat already cat-dominated household. Though despite the excitement it was with a great sadness in our hearts to see so many beautiful and deserving cats and kittens that hadn't yet found their forever homes.

From across the way, a pair of huge fixated eyes had very suddenly caught my attention.. and there he was; our Charlie Beans. (Charlie because that was his original name and 'Beans' because he boldly decided to steal a baked bean off of my plate the very first night that he came home and also because he does have what quite looks like a bean on his nose).

A little description next to his 'pod' read that he'd been thrown on a fire. There were no further details, but thankfully there was nothing to suggest that the horrific experience had affected this little fella apart from the slight burn marks to his paw which thankfully faded very quickly. From the very first second I saw him - I knew he was going home with us and what's more is he knew that too.
Ever since we opened our home and our hearts to him he's been the best little cat (apart from the other three, of course) that you could ever have. 

Of course, the day he came home we'd done all of the usual 'new cat' preparation. Wanting to introduce him slowly to his new home and to the other cats and of course to us. Charlie however, felt that all the fuss was silly and completely unnecessary and jumped straight off of the bed, straight up to the other cats who of course hissed at him and then went off exploring, somehow ending up on his back in the empty bath.

He went on to explore the neighbours houses and make them fall in love with, just as we had. Become king cat of the area we lived in and to know the specific times that the school kids would be passing by, always ensuring he was out the front looking groomed and totally adorable ready for lots of cuddles.

When we moved, I (stupidly) worried that he'd miss his old home and the area that he grew to know and love through his many hours of exploration. But I needn't of worried - he made himself at home instantly and off he went exploring! 

Those of you who follow me via my Instagram account (@alexbumptobaby) may have seen the two 30 second videos I uploaded featuring little Master Beans himself as he followed Ethan and I all the way to the local park yesterday. He sat the whole time keeping watch whilst I pushed Ethan back and fourth on the swing despite the fact that he was sharing the park with a dog - a cats known enemy. 

When it was time to go and Ethan was strapped back into his trike - back home he toddled with us. And he'll do this same thing day after day, no matter where we decide to go for a walk. 
The looks and questions we get are just absolutely brilliant. 

'Is he yours?' they ask in disbelief, 'Yes.' we chuckle and smile back, 'He's ours!..And he thinks he's a dog!'

He's become a bit of a legend my Charlie .. a bit of a legend indeed.


  1. Aw so cute, my cats think they are dogs and we play fetch a lot x

  2. Hahaha. One of my cats growing up used to do this; he'd walk us most of the way to school or to town and would then sit there and wait for us to come back. He sometimes even used to come along when we were walking our actual dog, and people thought he was completely crackers. But I love a cat with a quirky personality. x

  3. What a sad time he had before you found him. As an animal lover and fellow cat owner myself, stories like Charlie's really get to me, I can't comprehend how cruel some people are. It's so lovely to know his previous experience hasn't affected his confidence and character, what a little star! We joke one of our cats is like a dog as she likes to play fetch! x

  4. Ahh you do love your cats. That's so nice Charlie follows you around, I bet Ethans loves him x

  5. lol, that's hilarious, what a funny and cute little cat

  6. Awww! The way Ethan is looking at him like "Come on Charlie..." lol! Bless!


  7. Oh your Charlie Beans is a perfect cat. Just gorgeous! I loved his story, so glad you saved him and took him home x

  8. What a cutie! I'm pretty sure my Max thinks that he's part dog as well.

  9. Awww that is so cute that he actually followed you there, so sweet!

  10. Lovely family you got there! (Yes, including the funny little dog-cat) Hilarious!

  11. Oh that is too cute! Now that mummy's vlogging, Charlie should get his own youtube channel too ;) xxx Vikki @ Love From Mummy

  12. Aww cute, our 2 cats don't think they're dogs...but they do think they can take dogs on...and foxes...I'm not entirely happy about it.....