How to: Remove Pet Hair from literally anything!

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Ever wondered how you can effectively remove pet hair from carpets, the bed, clothes, and everything else (including the stairs!)? Well, I have only very recently discovered myself what I think is the very best way to do it. The hoover no longer seems to be powerful enough, the lint roller just falls apart, but this very small (and rather cheap!) pet hair removal tool does the job perfectly! 

It was whilst browsing for an anniversary gift for my Husband that I came across it actually, (I know! - How random!). I was on a website that sell gifts for men just scrolling through (as you do) when I came across it. All of the reviews were raving about it and so I thought with four cats of my own and what seems like millions of strands of pet hair flooding my house on a daily occurrence, why not give it a go!? 

CarPET Pet Hair Removal Tool

And I am so pleased that I did, it's honestly brilliant. It removes pet hair from literally anything. It even removes hair that you didn't even know was there! I did my entire stairs with it the other day and I was utterly shocked! I wont post photos of the results because, well, it's slightly embarrassing and totally gross but seriously for £5.99 this thing is pure magic!

How To Do Just About Anything

Oh and on a totally unrelated subject I also picked this book up from the same website. I am looking to do a whole series of 'How to:' blog post write ups and this is really really interesting - really worth a read! Available here for £14.99.


  1. Oh I need to try this. Pepper is getting her winter coat and I'm hoovering everyday and Charlie is getting to grips with crawling so this sounds like something that would literally be a godsend. I hope you do start that series, I'll keep my eye out :) xx

  2. Wow I'm off to purchase one of these bad boys for me and for my mum who has a Dalmatian who sheds white hair EVERYWHERE! My two cats get fur all over the place and on my clothes!
    Loving the How To... Blog post series idea. I look forward to reading more! Amelia x

  3. This sounds great, pesky hairs are such a pain and I never really feel like I get rid of them properly. Will be checking this out! X

  4. Oh this looks perfect! We have black labrador hairs on EVERYTHING... I mean EVERYTHING and it's a daily battle, I'll look into this! Thanks so much Alex.

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches