Five ways fibre optic broadband can make your blog better!

Being a blogger can be wonderful torture. It’s hugely satisfying to share your thoughts and experiences, but you’re also at the mercy of your internet - and broadband can be a fickle mistress, frustrating you by dropping out or slowing down, usually it seems when you need it most…

Unless you’ve got fibre optic broadband, of course. If you haven’t, it’s a great investment for any serious blogger - here’s five reasons why…

5. You can surf the web faster and more smoothly

As a blogger, you no doubt use the internet for research, checking facts and the like. Standard broadband deals do the job when it comes to that sort of thing, sure, but fibre optic broadband can makes all the difference when it comes to efficiency. Pages load faster, video less likely to buffer, images take less time to appear - you get an all-round faster and smoother experience, which means less time spent waiting, and more time for actually getting things done.

4. You can make the blogs you want to make

If you use a lot of images or video on your blog, fibre optic broadband can be a godsend. That’s because it’s not just download speeds that are better - upload speeds - the rate at which you can upload things to the web from your computer, tablet or phone - are too. 

That means you’re free to make the posts you want to make - you’re not constrained by technology, so you can let your imagination run wild.

3. You’ll experience fewer interruptions

If you’re a blogger, there’s nothing more frustrating than your internet going down. You may have lots you want to say, or be looking to respond to breaking news, but if you can’t get online you’re going to have to wait and hope that creative spark reignites, or that your readers are still interested in that story, later on.

However, one of the best things about fibre optic broadband is that it’s considerably more reliable than standard broadband. It’s less probe to interference, meaning you get a more stable connection, so if you have an idea, you’ll be able to get online without having to worry about your internet going walkies and get it out there.

2. You can collaborate with others 

One of the best things about blogging is that it can be a fantastic way to enter a wider world by interacting with fellow bloggers. Meet ups and writing circles are common practice, and a good way to share experiences and ideas, support each other’s work and make friends in the process.

If you do connect with other bloggers, fibre optic broadband can be a boon, because it makes it a breeze to communicate with your peers. From sharing work using an online storage service like Dropbox to video calling one another on Skype, you can be sure fibre will support it.

1. You can work when everyone else is online

Getting work done while the family’s around can be a struggle at the best of times. Not because they can be noisy and demanding - although of course that can be the case! - but because if they’re  online at the same time as you, it can really slow down your internet.

If, for example, one of the kids is watching something on BBC iPlayer, while another is playing a game online on the Xbox, you may find there’s not much bandwidth left for what you want to do. Fibre optic broadband eliminates that problem - it’ll still slow down when everyone’s using it, but because it’s so much faster to start with, you’ll feel the impact far less.

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  1. We just got faster Internet and it makes me a lot happier :)