Our Perfect Party [In the garden of course]

Anyone that reads the monthly updates I write about Ethan will know just how much Ethan loves to be outside. There really isn't anything that makes him happier than the great-outdoors. (Though, Peppa Pig is a strong competitor!)

House of Fraser recently asked us, 'What would be Ethans perfect party?' and then they gave us the opportunity to pick an outfit from their online store that he'd wear to his party. We celebrated Ethans 1st Birthday back in April with a trip to the zoo and a party in our new home and we had so much fun. But I just know that if we were to do it again, the food table and the main area of Ethans party would just have to be outside as this would make him the happiest. I suppose that next birthday we may even be able to consider a bouncy castle and outdoor games, which would be so much fun! And knowing Ethan like I do, I know that that would be his perfect party!

The outfit that I picked for what I'd choose for his perfect day, is smart, modern and comfortable. Both the polo-shirt and trousers are soft and have that feel of good quality to them. The trousers are padded inside for extra comfort. I'm pleased with my choice of outfit and I think he looks incredibly grown-up. :)

With the weather being as lovely as it has been, we took ourselves (along with Ethans new outfit) and the lovely picnic basket that we were kindly sent from Munchkin outside to the back garden. Munchkin recently incredibly kindly sent us a picnic basket full of food and drink tools and products that are jut absolutely fantastic for Ethans age. We had so much fun eating our lunch outside on a picnic blanket and using all of his new things, we especially love the Mickey Mouse cutlery, plate and bowl set - it's adorable and really helping with his self eating!

Doing this really helped me to imagine how wonderful a birthday party outdoors for Ethan might be. And got me very excited to start planning for his second birthday. I just hope that when his next birthday comes around the sun will be shining just as much as it was the day of our picnic.


  1. Looks like you have had a fab time. I love Ethan's outfit!

  2. Aww cute :) I love picnics! It's a shame our babies birth months are a bit hit & miss weather wise! A July or August birthday would be so lovely!
    I do love a good bouncy castle party! xx

  3. Oh gosh he is growing so quickly, love the picture of him with the fork xx

  4. Aw lovely sunshiny gorgeous photos of Ethan Alex. Looks like a lovely picnic.x