Ways to give Money as a Graduation Gifts

If you’re trying to decide on a gift for a special person in your life that is graduating, choosing something fun and sentimental whilst actually being beneficial to the recipient can seem a little difficult. 
Money is always a welcome gift, especially to those who have finished the education chapter of their lives and are going out into the big wide world! However, it can be a pretty dull gift to give. But with a few inventive ideas, you can soon transform this much appreciated gift into a really thoughtful and fun one, too. Here are some of our favourite ideas. 
Make mini diploma scrolls out of notes and present them in a gift box
This couldn’t be much easier but it will look like a lot of effort has gone into it. Roll up notes and tie them with the person’s school coloured ribbon to make them look like little mini diploma scrolls. Display them in a little gift box with more of the coloured ribbon around it for extra added effect. Use different notes to add a bit more interest too. (This can also be useful if your budget isn’t really high, as it will still make it look a lot). 
Fill a personalised photo upload mug or engraved glass with cash 
Mugs and glassware are always a great gift as you can never have enough of either! We love the idea of a photo upload mug, and you can make your own mug online using your own snaps at My Photo Gifts. You could use one of their graduation photos, or you could even go for the nostalgia aspect and use one of their first day of school! Fill it with coins for a thoughtful and useful gift. 
Attach money to pages of their favourite childhood book
Show them just how far they’ve come by sending them back down memory lane. Find a hardback version of their favourite book from when they were younger and attach money to random spots in it, using sticky tack or paperclips. You could also write little notes to them too with memories of reading the book together which would be really sweet. It will serve as a double surprise! 
Stick coins onto a bottle of their favourite bubbly
Help them celebrate in true graduate fashion by buying them a bottle of their favourite bubbly, or splash out on a bottle of luxury champagne. (If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with pink champagne!) Attach coins all around the bottle for them to peel off and spend on their celebratory night out! 
Fill a journal with pictures, special mementos and cash
Get super crafty and creative by personalising a scrap book for them. Fill it with memories you have together along with things from their life that have helped lead up to this monumental moment. You could put coins or notes at particularly special pages. This is guaranteed to be something they’ll cherish forever. 


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