Adopting Your Child’s First Pet

Adopting a pet for your child can be a good learning opportunity for them and can also be a nice addition to the family. Not only will a child be able to learn more about animals, but they may begin to understand what having responsibility is, and learn other important life lessons from the experience. There are some pets that are family friendly and ideally suited to a child’s first pet, as suggested below.
Hamsters, Gerbils & Guinea Pigs
Hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs are good pets for children because they won’t take up too much room’ and children can easily handle these animals too. They’re also not very expensive and are cute enough to be an attractive pet for any child. As with some pets, be aware that minor biting or scratching may happen, especially with rodents. 
Fish are simple enough to look after and an aquarium or pond can be an attractive feature in your home or garden. If you have more than one child, fish are a good option as each child can choose a fish each – which guarantees no fighting! If you do buy a fish and need an aquarium make sure that you buy all the right equipment such as an aquarium pump and heater from websites such as All Pond Solutions
Tortoises are interesting creatures and live for many years compared to other pets. So, if your family is looking for a pet to enjoy for a lifetime, then a tortoise is a good bet. If your child has allergies to some pets, then a tortoise is an ideal choice too as they don’t have fur, which is the cause of most pet allergies.
Dogs can be really well suited for a child to grow up and play with. Look out for certain breeds that are more child friendly then others, such as Labradors, Cocker Spaniels and Golden Retrievers. Puppies are a big commitment for a family so you should carefully consider whether adopting a puppy is a good option for your current situation first. If you do decide that you can manage this responsibility, then you will find that dogs can give your family a lot of love in return. Pets can also provide a huge amount of affection and entertainment for your child. 
What was/is your childs first pet?
Ethan loves to chase our four cats around. Luckily, they don't seem to mind :)

Charlie (below) is probably his favourite though!

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  1. Love that he has so many cats to play with and that they all get along so well. Buba is really allergic to all animals so we won't be having any pets any time soon but I grew up with dogs and a cat and it was always great to have that special animal bond when I was a kid with them. Love the photos. Great post.