Are you a lucky person?

Would you say you're a lucky person? I think that I generally am.

I feel grateful everyday for having the life that and family that I do. But I've also had some of those 'Oh wow, that was lucky!' moments throughout my life. Here are a few of mine:

- I bled heavily at 12 weeks pregnant with Ethan, I and everybody else at the hospital believed I was miscarrying but when I went back for a scan the next day there he was, my baby having a little swim! I'd just ruptured my placenta! Seeing my baby alive on the screen was categorically the luckiest that I've ever felt!

- The sun shone (very brightly) on the day of our outside wedding ceremony overlooking three lakes. Every time we had gone to visit the place we were marrying at, it had either rained, thundered or was just totally miserable. It rained and thundered on the day of our wedding at the time we'd initially said we'd wanted to marry (1pm) but by 3pm (the time we actually married) the sun was melting the make-up off of my face! We felt very lucky, as the alternative was marrying inside in just a dull bleak room! But no, we got stunning views and beautiful photographs and we felt very lucky!

- Just before Adam and I moved out together I very luckily inherited some money from a Grandparent that I actually hadn't really known - my Fathers Mother. My 'Father' left when I was 3 months old and he never really made the effort to be apart of my life and so I didn't know him or his parents. The money that I inherited helped us to move into our flat and furnish it. Again, we felt very lucky.

Here are a few other people who can count themselves among the lucky via paddypower.com (sp):

What has been your luckiest moment?

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  1. my luckiest moment was winning a competition which involves getting some money at the end of year good timing really since our little one is due in December so will be very handy.