Childhood Memories

I will often sit and take some time out to reminisce. I can sit there for what soon can become a while just thinking back to some of my old memories; they always makes me smile when I think about how far I've come in just 25 years.

1.     Name your group of best friends during school – are you still friends?I hung out with Adam after we met. But prior to that it was three lovely girls called Becci (Rebecca), Carly and Georgie. Sadly we no longer see each other anymore. But I do sometimes see updates from them via Facebook. (good old Facebook!)

2.     What would your typical weekend look like as a teenager? - Oh definitely our favourite pasta on a Saturday either at mine or Adams parents house, a movie, several hours of World of Warcraft and of course lots of snuggling up!

3.     At 14, what did you want to be when you were older? What do you do for a living now? I actually wanted to be an actress, but then when I got older I wanted to be a police officer. 

4.     What artists/bands did you love as a teenager?Eminem and Linkin Park were my favourites. And I still love them.

5.     Who was your first celebrity crush? - Haha, okay it was the lovely Christian from the boy band A1. And then it was and is still Eminem. I (may) have a bit of a thing for blondes ;)

6.     What was your favourite film? Is it still your favourite?Titanic and yeah I think it is still my favourite; it's such a brilliant, well made film! Although clearly a very sad event!

7.     What were your hobbies as a teenager? Reading, writing, spending time with my cats (that's totally classed as a hobby, right?!), playing online games and being an utra soppy girlfriend! (Not much has changed then - apart from the girlfriend part!).

8.     Growing up, who were your inspirations? Has this changed and why? Honestly, I don't really remember having anyone I felt really inspired by. I kind of just tried to focus on being myself and being happy.

9.     What is your biggest regret? Being shy and unconfident - I wish I found my confidence sooner. But that's just part of growing up isn't it? Oh and I really wish I hadn't got so caught up by the way I thought I looked; I wish I'd just had a little more self-acceptence! Again, it's just all part of growing up I think.

10.   What advice would you give your 16 year old self?- Just be yourself, because when you are - that's when you are happiest! 


  1. Question 8 - I think Alex meant to answer my Mum!!! X lol

  2. Such a lovely post and amazing to reminisce, some sad news this weekend took me right back to my teenhood, reliving a lot of my youth, thanks for this timely post xxx

  3. Aww lovely post. These questions are pretty interesting actually!!! And as for Christian....YUM! I still would ;) lol xx

  4. oooh I work for the Police too.

    Cat x