Help me to Sleep

Sleep, for me, can be a bit of a funny thing. Sometimes I sleep really well, other times I seem to wake up at random times at night. It's unpredictable and at times frustrating. 

I recently tried two products that I hadn't before tried just to see if they would help regulate my sleep pattern. Here's what I tried and how I got on..

sleep mask, tempur sleep mask

With using a sleep mask, I found that it helped to relax me just before I fell asleep. Having something over my eyes made it feel that much harder for me to just to pop my head up for a quick look at my phone every time it beeped/vibrated. I didn't like keeping it on all night, as I found it to feel kind of in the way if I did wake up during the night. But it did help me to initially fall asleep.

magnesium oil

Lots of people recommend magnesium spray to aid sleep. It's supposed to relax you and therefore help you drift off easier. I really wanted this to work, the idea of a spray that could relax me in the evening after a busy day sounded great. But, for me, it didn't work at all. In fact, I had quite the opposite effect to it. It stung me and then made me itch for about half an hour. It was so bad that I didn't use it again. This isn't to say that it won't work for anyone else - I've now given the spray to my Mum and she hasn't reported any problems with it so far. So maybe my skin was just too sensitive for it. 

So that's how I got on with the above sleep aids. I would happily use and recommend a sleep mask again. But the magnesium oil was not for me. For further info about sleep tips and tricks go here.


Products were provided free of charge to me for the purpose of the study.

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