Life's a Beach

I'd love to have a beach near by to where we live. There's just something about watching the sea waves crash together that makes me feel instantly at peace. I always come away from being at the beach with an overwhelming feeling of inner calm, it's just such an entrancing place to be.

Last week we took a somewhat over due family holiday to Dorset where we were fortunate enough with the weather that we had the perfect opportunity to take Ethan to the beach for what was his first proper time. And with golden grains of sand between our toes and the winsome sound of the flowing sea in our ears, we really did have the most incredible time. So much so that I already wish we could go back.

E loved feeling the water rush through his fingers. He loves discovering new things and he was so curious and eager to feel the sea water for the first time.

We took the sand toys and had lots of fun playing with them. The beach was like a giant sand pit to Ethan.

I  literally could have stayed say there watching the sea with the sand between my toes all night and probably all week. 

Family beach selfie. One of my favourite photographs from our holiday.

This little monkey decided it would be fun to fill Mummy's shoe with sand, it made me laugh so much. He's so cheeky! I was just glad that he kept his hat on for a little while!

Ethan and I lost in thought..

There's nothing better than learning to walk on the beach, is there?

My two favourite people. 

When can we go back?


I captured our holiday memories via video too - you can watch our video below..


  1. Looks like you guys had a fabulous time. Dorset looks so lovely, I reckon it's going to have to be somewhere we visit as a family, one day! x

  2. Stunning photos Alex, and such a beautiful video of your holiday too. It looks like you had a lovely time, and I always think video shows that off more than photos alone. Gorgeous! x

  3. Beautiful photos! Looks like you had a wonderful time! I'm lucky to live near a few beaches. We don't go often enough.

  4. Your video is so sweet! Looks like you had an amazing holiday. :)
    Oh and I love love LOVE your red dress! It's gorgeous, do you mind me asking where you got it from?

    Elodie http://funk-my-life.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thank you so much :) Of course, it's from Primark. It was about £12, an absolute bargain! I just added a gold belt to it :) xx

  5. Looks like you had a great holiday with the family. I love the beach and wish I could go there right now. Perfect place to relax and enjoy the summer.