Our most romantic moment - EVER!

When I heard that My Single Friend were holding a 'Romantic Rendezvous' competition which literally involves talking about your most romantic moment of all time, I just couldn't resist. A soppy gal like me, of course I had wanted to enter! 

Our most romantic moment is going to be an obvious sort of choice I think.. It's going to have to be that particularly awesome day that my now Husband asked me if I would like to become his wife.(Umm, YES!)

It was the day of my 20th birthday. A whole nearly six years ago now! Gosh.. doesn't time fly? And also, when did I get so old please?..

Anyway on with the story..

From 14 years old, Adam and I had spent many a year topping and tailing in the top bunk of mine and my little sisters bunk bed. (How we ever fit in there, I do not know..) And at Adams, we'd share a room with his brother. So when we got to 19, we took 'the' plunge.. We'd saved up our little bit of money together and so we made that first ever nerve racking call to a local estate agent. Who then kindly took us to see a little 2 bed modern flat, which shortly afterwards became our very first home!  

Having our own place was (and still is) bloody great! We'd buy lots of junk food (as you do at that age) and spend literally hours being very nerdy; playing in the fantasy land of the mighty World of Warcraft. We would come and go as we pleased. We had our freedom, our own space.. we'd started to grow up! We even became Mum and Dad! Well, not quite.. We adopted two beautiful kittens who were and still are our little babies.. It's just now, we have 2 more fur-babies AND even a real life baby.

Naturally, after being together from such a young age and after a while of living together for many months, our conversations rather quickly turned to the exciting prospect of marriage! We both knew that it wasn't going to be a case of being Mr and Mrs straight away.. we just wanted to be more than 'boyfriend and girlfriend' to each other.

On my 20th birthday we went shopping, we brought lots of goodies, we had lunch, we had, as usual, a brilliant time. Adam then dropped me off at my Mums on the way home for a while so I could spend a little time with my family. When I arrived home back to the flat there was a little note on the door. It read, 'Knock. Count to 10 and then come in. xxx' And so with excitement filling my chest and my throat, I did as the note said. 

When I entered our flat -  it was dark, all of the curtains were drawn and there were gorgeous red roses all over the floor. They were placed in a sort of trail that lead into the living room. Next to the roses were lots of little lined-up tea light candles either side, which were all alight. My heart skipped a beat. Was this really what I thought it was? 

I followed the candles and the roses into the living room and there he was.. the love of my life.. down on one knee with a ring box in his hand..

And that what is it.. It was our moment! The very moment that I said a rather big YES with absolutely certainty and the biggest most cheesiest smile you did ever see across my face!

And I have never looked back! <3 

( - a blurry but very precious photograph)

- happy, newly engaged (slightly spotty) us!

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  1. That is so romantic! How wonderful. :)

  2. Awww I love the roses and candles. Bonus points for Adam! I love that photo too. You've changed loads but also look the same?! If that makes sense?! xx

  3. so romantic your engagement sounds very similar to how me and Stuart got engaged. Stuart made a heart out of tea lights and roses and asked me to marry him at midnight at the turn of the new year (2009)