What my Dream Home Would Consist of...

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Can you imagine being able to live in your dream home? What would the outside look like? What about the inside? Where would it be?..

Mine would be in the forest somewhere probably, or in the countryside, it doesn't matter, just in the middle of no-where please. Then there'd be glass, lots and lots and lots of glass. I'd have some express bi-folding doors to bring all of the light in and then in the summer all of the lovely summers air. They'd open up my home, making the outside feel part of it. And then in the winter, when the snow fell and it was too cold to go outside, well then I'd just sit, sit and gaze through the glass. Feeling like I was part of the magic, that I was outside enjoying the snow, but really I'd be inside with a mug of hot chocolate and warm toes. To me, that's what so great about having those kind of doors and big windows. That's why there'd be lots of glass.

I'd have a roaring fire and a cosy rug. My interior would be modern, yet also family friendly for my little guy. I'd have lots of white everywhere. White always looks so clean and airy. I'd like an indoor swimming pool and even a sauna but I wouldn't want to push my luck. The floors would be similar to the above picture but with huge rugs everywhere, to give that cosy appeal. The light fittings, sound system and the bathroom would be high-spec and the garden outside would be beautiful and would include an additional secret garden hidden away for Ethan (and I) to explore. 

What would your dream home consist of?

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