Snow + New (Hunter) Boots

Black glossy Hunter boots


 Just when I thought we'd seen the last of the snow for this winter.. we woke up this morning to a blanket of yet more snow outside! I'm not a lover of snow to be honest. Yeah, it's pretty and makes everything look clean (until it turns to mushy sludge), but it's cold, wet and very slippery, and slippery surfaces do not go well down with me on any day of the year and especially not when I'm 31 weeks pregnant and trying to be extra careful not to have a clumsy fall.

Cat snow
Sooty loves the snow. 

Midwife appointment

  Today I turned 31 weeks pregnant with you, and like I mentioned in last nights bump update we had another appointment this morning at the Doctors surgery with the midwife. I heard your heartbeat again and it sounded nice and strong! The midwife had a little feel of my stomach to see if she could see how you were laying -  it was hard to tell but you seemed to be more on my right side today and more than likely you are still head down. She measured my bump and told me that you are now measuring bigger than average! 

  My iron levels have dropped a little so the Doctor prescribed me some extra iron tablets to take alongside the Pregnacare. Low iron levels combined with being quite a way into the third and last trimester with you, is most likely responisble for my complete exhaustion lately.

New boots

 After the appointment with the midwife I headed back out into the snow to the car.. my feet and socks were soaking wet and very cold as the snow had leaked through my boots and so I decided it was time to invest in some new footwear! Something suitable for the snow and rain. I headed to TKMaxx at the retail park but all they had were Hunter Boots, which yes, I very much wanted and had wanted for a little while but the price tag had up until now always been very off-putting. Tesco had absolutely nothing and honestly I did not want to have to venture into town to find probably nothing. So I went back to TKMaxx, and decided to treat myself! I sold my wedding dress on eBay last night so I figured I was allowed to spend a little of the money on myself to keep my feet nice and warm.

  To be honest they were a great price, I got the glossy black full length boots for only £49.99, which yes may be a little more than the average person spends on a pair of wellie boots but for Hunter boots which are often close to £100 I thought the price was quite good. They are so warm, and really easy to walk through the snow in and what's more is I think they look great on! I can definitely see myself getting my wear out of them. :) Luckily, even though they didn't have my size (7), they had a pair of size 6's, which when I tried them on fit my feet perfectly! 

black glossy hunter boots
black glossy hunter boots


  1. Oooh lovely boots! You were right to treat yourself! :)

    I've just found your blog - I love it! I'm following.

    I'm also a pregnancy blogger - I'm 32 weeks 5 days along, also having a little boy :)


    1. Thank you, I LOVE them.

      Aw thanks for following, I'm so glad you like it!! :O)

      Oo I love reading other peoples pregnancy blogs, I'll head over to your blog and have a read!