Winter Walking With Your Baby

When you’re out and about with your baby, winter presents its own set of challenges. The low temperatures, dark nights and wet terrain make it a season many mothers take shelter from. While this may be tempting, it’s important that your child is getting fresh air every day, so that they can build their natural defences. 
A lot of babies love being taken out, and it’s an excellent opportunity for them to sleep in the stroller as you walk around.  Before you head out, here a few things you should consider:

Timing your walk

Babies who weigh less than 4Kg shouldn’t be taken outside if temperatures are lower than 15 degrees Celsius. For older babies, walks can last a little longer but it’s recommended that you walk at certain times of day. The best time to brave the outdoors is just before or after lunch when temperatures are at their highest. Of course, current weather conditions should always be taken into consideration – you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of a blizzard!

Winter isn’t the season to break new ground by challenging your walking ability. When you have your baby along for the ride, it’s important that your walks are short, sticking to well-maintained footpaths. 

Wrap up

Dressing appropriately for the weather is essential. Make sure that you and your baby are suitably wrapped up against the elements. A baby’s head is proportionately larger than an adult’s, so it’s crucial they wear a hat if you plan to take them outside. The head is also the one area they’re likely to lose the most heat from; combat this by wrapping them up in a coat that has a hood to layer over their hat. Not on the High Street has an adorable selection of hand-knit hats that are perfect for your baby’s noggin. Cover their hands with a pair of thick mittens and they’re about ready to go outdoors.

As for yourself, it’s recommended that you wear a pair of shoes that are durable and offer protection against the slippery terrain underfoot. The shallow heel of this leather Bellissimo boot from Pavers offers excellent stability in the winter weather. The knee-high length and leather material also make it a warm and water-resistant choice.


Once you and your child are ready to embark on your winter walk, you should make sure that they are comfortable in their pushchair. Take a flask of warm dilute squash with you and pull the cover of the baby stroller down if you are stopping for an extended period of time. If you’re in the market for a new pram, make sure you consult our buyers guide here!

When you do stop for a break, make sure it’s in a sheltered spot that’s out of the wind. Stopping off at a local pub before you make the return journey is an excellent way to catch your breath and warm your cheeks, before you make the trip home again.

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  1. Really Informative, thank you for this x

  2. Thank you for this post. Might come very handy one day. I didn't know Not On The Highstreet either before, they have some really nice product!

  3. Great advice. My baby was premature so I did avoid taking him out during the winter months, I guess I was just too scared. I love the picture of baby in the snow, adorable!

  4. Love the little snow angel photo, so cute.

    I've got a baby due soon, so these are great tips, thanks!