Travelling With Baby: Toiletries

We're off to the Lake District with my Husbands parents at the end of September. It'll be our first family holiday and I can't wait! I'm not usually the holidaying type (I'm very homely) but since having Ethan I can't get enough of family outings. Plus, Ethan seems to love being outside, so I think he'll be in his element in the Lake District!
For our holiday, I've been looking for items to take with us that are perfect for travelling. We're taking one car between us, so packing room is going to be scarce, especially with the pushchair.
Knowing that I'm looking for the perfect travel items, the lovely people at greenpeople.co.uk kindly sent Ethan over their Hello Baby Boy gift set

The Organic Babies - Hello Baby set is, I suppose, more of a gift box, perfect for expectant mums and/or families with a new baby, especially so as it's available in 3 different sleeve types (neutral, girl and boy). But I think the products inside are the perfect size to take travelling, which is exactly what I plan to do with them. The box is presented perfectly, from it's recyclable box to it's adorably themed sleeves. 

On the back of the sleeve there's some information about the contents inside and best of all there's the good old 'Vegetarian Society approved' logo, although it is worth noting that this product isn't suitable for vegans, because of the beeswax content. 

Inside the box is: 

Soothing Baby Salve – Lavender (30ml)
  This is perfect for use on baby's dry and/or irritated skin. I like to use this on Ethan's forehead as that's where he seems to suffer the most from dry skin. It can also be used on baby's bottom if it's a little sore and can even be used to help relieve soreness for breastfeeding Mums.

Dry Skin Baby Lotion – Scent Free (30ml)
  This ultra-gentle moisturiser is ideal for massaging and moisturising baby. It is rich in Omega-3&6 fatty acids to soothe dry skin. Perfect for use all over baby just after bath time!

Baby Wash & Shampoo – Lavender (100ml)
  This mild wash is gently scented with relaxing lavender and leaves baby's hair feeling soft and bouncy!

As you can probably tell from the photographs, these products are the perfect size to pop into your travel bag when travelling with baby. The fact that the baby wash and shampoo are combined into a 2 n 1 also helps to save vital space in your bags!

This set is priced at £15.95. You can find Organic Babies - Hello Baby gift sets here over at greenpeople.co.uk. 

What do you think of this gift set? Can you recommend any good travel items for baby?

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  1. These look lovely, lobe that they are organic! :) x

  2. How lovely are they!!

    Helen X


  3. I love this brand, I have one of their balms in my change bag, so handy for when Noah gets little dry patches of eczema xx

  4. I really like this brand, Abigail has the Sun Cream, Shampoo & Conditioner and they are all really nice, I haven't tried the baby products yet am currently using the Burts Bees range but would defo love to try this range in the future for baby Sophia xx


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