What is in your Name?

Random fact about myself: I don't have a middle name. My brothers and sisters all do. But me, no.

I'm not really sure why, maybe my Mum thought that my first name, Alexandra was long enough..

I once asked my sister (who's ten years younger than me) what she thought my middle name was.. she replied with, 'Andra'. Haha, it still makes me laugh! But who can blame her.. I'm only ever known as 'Alex', apart from at the Doctors, where I get the 'Alexandra Gladwin' call when the Docs are ready to see me.

So that's me, no middle name Alex.

I think because I don't have one, middles names seem to interest me. My first name, Alexandra, was my real 'dad's suggestion; he had named his 2 previous daughters (my other sisters) after Queens (Anne and Victoria) and so I got Alexandra.. Which I am happy with, I like Alex and I think it suits me so much better than my Mum's suggestion of.. 'Hazel'. 

We gave Ethan the middle name, 'Adam', after my Husbands name.

Why? Well, simply because I adore my Husband and I also adore my Son, so my thinking was why would I not combine the names of my 2 favourite people?! Simple really. Adam agreed, as I think for him it was a much better option than my previous suggestion of 'Adam Junior'.

It was Adam who suggested 'Ethan' and at first I wasn't sure, but actually I now adore it and think it's the best name in the world, but I would, wouldn't I?! I also like the fact that we don't know any other Ethan's. 

So, I'm interested to know -- Do you have a middle name and if so, why did your parents choose it for you? Also is there a story behind your first name? Or your childs?

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  1. My little boy is Seth Philip James , first name we just liked from a book middle names both our dads middle names as if we had there first names he would if ended up Seth Norman Gordon ha ha nooooo xx

  2. Haha! That did make me laugh, your sister thinking your middle name is andra. Harriet was my grandad's mother and Elizabeth, my middle name, was my nan's mother. We chose Ava as I thought it was different and I loved it. I'd only ever heard of Myleene Klass's daughter Ava. But now I know a few Ava's! Typical. Ava's middle name is also Elizabeth, like me. A reference to my great-grndmother who I sadly never met but I've heard she was a fantastic lady. Xx

  3. For the first 4 weeks of my life I had no name. I was going to be called Jodie however my Mum went on to adopt my sister Joanne and didn't want 2 Jo's. So then they thought they should call me after my Nan because my sister Penny was named after my Mum's mum. However my Nan's name was Phyllis May. Luckily they played with May to get Amy because I cannot see myself as a Phyllis!

  4. I have a middle name, and the story goes that because I was a girl my mum got to choose the first name and my dad chose the middle one. Seemed like a fair deal to me. Although when my brother came along three years later the rules changed as my brother ended up with a handed down family middle name and my mum chose his first name!
    I actually have two middle names now, as when I got married I chose to keep my maiden name as an additional middle name. I like that I can still feel part of my original 'gang' because my old surname is still lurking there. x

  5. My name is Nicola Maxine, my brother got to choose my first name, my sister would've if I were a boy. He named me after his girlfriend in Year 4! Maxine is after my aunt. Chris & I have thought a lot about baby names and I'd love to carry on the Maxine tradition, and also use Lily, after his grandma. In terms of boys I'd use the name Adam maybe, as it's my brother's name and my best friend's surname, and Andrew, as both Chris & I have best friends called Andrew. Boys in Chris' family never got middle names until him & his brothers. I'm glad! :')

  6. My middle name is Jane, so I'm Emily Jane. My mum picked Jane because she couldn't think of anything else to go with Emily. Funnily enough I know quite a few Emily Janes. My first name wasn't the first name my mum picked, I was originally going to be Kayleigh but when the nurse wrote it down it looked like Kylie and my mum changed her mind straight away. So then my mum chose Emily .... after a hamster. Yes, I'm named after a hamster! My mum looked after a friends hamster whilst she was pregnant and the hamster was called Emily and thats where she got the idea from. The Other option was Rebecca. I like my name but would have been happy with either I'm sure. My sister was named after a Doctor who assistant and My Brother was named after a girl. So at least I'm not the only one what has a strange name source.

    What Em Loves

  7. Both my sisters have middle names but i dont and im actually glad. I wanted Rio to be just Rio but when my inlaws announced his birth suddenly he was Rio John and everyone sent cards addressed to rio john stoddart (dont ask)

  8. I read your blog for some time but had not yet commented. I also do not have a middle name. I'm only Tatiana Araujo. My mother chose my name after a Russian gymnast she thought very pretty.

  9. My first name is Toyota (obviously taken from the car!) but if I was a boy I would have been called Benjamin so go figure! My middle name is Marie as my parents wanted to give me something normal in case I wanted to change it from my crazy first name, it's also the same as my Mum's

  10. I don't have a middle name. Out of the three of us (my brother, sister, and I) my brother was the only one who got a middle name. His name is Miguel Angel; pronounced Michaelangelo in English. The reason for that is because my dad wanted to continue the family name, Miguel, in the blood line and my mom really loved the name Angel, so he received both. :)


  11. http://theeverydaymomma.blogspot.com/2013/06/whats-your-name.html?m=1
    The link to my sons name choice!

  12. Just discovered your blog, love this idea, as I'm currently looking for a name for our unborn son and am totally about it having some sort of meaning! I think I may borrow your idea and do a similar blog (I'll link back to you when I do!)

    My middle name is Leona, never really been a huge fan of it but I like its meaning (Lioness), and it has deeper meaning as I was born a two year old girl in the room next to my moms passed away, her name was Leona. I think it's pretty cool my parents had the idea to somehow let the name of that girl live on through me.

    Katie @ Owls & Monsters