The Presents

Along with the DS that I brought for Adam for our anniversary, I also gave him a basket full of goodies, here's a breakdown of the items inside that basket full of delights.

The basket was from TK Maxx, priced around £8.

Sentimental heart-shaped maps frame

The above is my personal favourite out of the items that I gave to Adam. I found the inspiration for this amazing piece from the lovely Joanna over at My Little Rays of Sunshine after she made one for her friends wedding. The first map is where we met, second is where we married then the last is where we went for our honeymoon. I brought the exact same frame that Joanna had used and was so pleased with the result. If you'd like to create one for your home or for someone else, I totally recommend heading over to Joanna's blog to have a read on how it's done. 

The Dogs Doodahs Personalised Card

The card I gave Adam was from http://www.thedogsdoodahs.com. Before I used their services, I had always found myself drawn back over and over again to websites such as Funky Pigeon or Moonpig for personalised cards. But actually, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to review The Dogs Doodahs, the site name always makes me laugh, but that's the point, the website was fun. Every single step from picking the card, to designing, to ordering and checkout, even he the email receipt was fun! And although the website and service was 'jokey', the actual product and service was taken completely seriously. My order was dispatched incredibly quickly and the card itself was perfect, exactly everything you could want from an online personalised card service. I was worried about how the photographs would come out on the card on the inside cover, but I needn't have worried, they were absolutely perfect, almost glossy like. Adam even commented on this when he opened the card. The quality of the card was fantastic. The service was incredibly easy to use and the prices seem to start very low from around £3.50 for a standard card like the above.

Chocolate from Sent With A Loving Kiss

This gorgeous handmade chocolate gift is from http://sentwithalovingkiss.co.uk, it consists of a giant slab of the most yummiest chocolate I may have ever tasted.. think - Christmas chocolate on the morning of Christmas day tasty, it's so addictive. Sent with a Loving Kiss sell personalised luxurious chocolate for many occasions, anniversaries being one of them. I was able to personalise the side of the tin of my chocolate, which added a lovely touch for my gift. And that's just it, all of their items make the most perfect gifts, because who doesn't like chocolate?! And the fact that you can personalise like I have makes it that much more extra special. They sell a range of different chocolate such as truffles, white, milk, dark chocolate and much more. If you have someone that's hard to buy for, you can't really go wrong with the choccie-gifts available to buy from Sent with a Loving Kiss.

Anniversary Book - GettingPersonal.co.uk

I'm a romantic me, so this Anniversary record book appealed to me straight away as a lovely gift for Adam. It's from www.gettingpersonal.co.uk and costs £19.99. It makes the perfect present for newlyweds or for couples celebrating their first anniversary, especially so their first, as the first is 'paper'. Their is plenty of room inside the book to jot down thoughts and feelings from each anniversary as the years go by, I think it's a fantastic way of remembering what we did and what we brought each other. It truly is a very very sweet idea. The book itself is fantastic quality and is obviously made to last.  We look forward to filling this up each year and looking back at the previous years as they go by. 

Engraved heart keyrings - GettingPersonal.co.uk

These gorgeous engraved heart keyrings are also from www.gettingpersonal.co.uk They make the perfect gift for valentines, weddings or anniversaries and are a lovely way of carrying a reminder of a loved one with you wherever you go. They look absolutely fantastic on our keys; they are really eye catching and they look and feel expensive. They came beautifully presented in a little black gift box (which can be added on as an extra at the online checkout) and they made the perfect anniversary present, Adam was very pleased with them. They are fantastic quality.


Last but definitely not least in the basket where these lovely half bottles of red wine from http://www.halfwine.com. I cannot begin to tell you how nice they tasted, we took one with us to London for in the hotel and the other we opened last night on our actual anniversary. We absolutely loved the taste of both of these bottles. Wine, for Adam and I, can be a massive pain, as a lot of wine is not suitable for vegetarians because of the filtering process used. Every time we go out to a restaurant we can't have any wine as we don't know if it is or isn't suitable. When I was browsing half wines website, I was sad to see that they do not label their wines as vegetarian or vegan, though sadly this is no different to any other website/restaurant. I contacted them to be a pain and ask the question, 'Are any of your wines suitable for vegetarians?' I was taken very seriously and had an answer within a day or so. There wasn't as many as I would have liked, but these lovely two were suitable! The delivery was super quick and the bottles were packed with the up most care. They sell gift packs, single bottles, tasting packs and more.. to find out more about how halfwines.com works take a look here. I highly recommend them and would definitely use them again. Their half wine bottles make the perfect gift!

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*Some of the products featured in this post were sent to us for the purpose of review, all thoughts, words and opinions are 100% our own, as always.


  1. Awww such lovely gifts! That's the second time I've seen those maps this week - they look lovely!!!! I wish I had the patience to do something like that lol.

    Everything looks lovely but I especially love the look of the book - I love anything for memories like that.

    I had no idea wine could be unsuitable for vegetarians!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks - UK Based parenting blog

  2. Oh my goodness that Anniversary book is totally adorable! Hope you had a lovely day! The maps are gorgeous! xx

  3. Happy Anniversary hunny!
    Such a lovely couple!!!

    Lotte xo

  4. OMG! that map idea is brillent i think i may just do this. Thanks awesome blog

  5. Awww such lovely gifts! That's the second time I've seen those maps this week - they look lovely!!!! I wish I had the patience to do something like that lol. showtimerentalsmason

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  7. Happy Anniversary dear .Amazing post! :) I love your tips. And photos are sooo cute.

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  9. Love this post you have given some lovely gifts I think I will do something similar for mine and the hubbys 2nd anniversary next yr. I love the book and the keyrings we have these already fab choices.

  10. Love this post you have given some lovely gifts I think I will do something similar for mine and the hubbys 2nd anniversary next yr. I love the book and the keyrings we have these already fab choices.