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hidden pictures 
We all do it, (well I certainly do anyway) take hundreds and hundreds of photographs on smart phones and digital cameras only to find that very often that is exactly where they stay. Or if we're 'good' about it, some of us actually do get round to uploading them onto our computers, but again, that is usually where they stay.. millions of beautiful photos sitting hidden in files on phones and computers all around the world. Surely, it's about time we started displaying these beautiful snaps?

introducing SnapBox 
One of the ways we can choose to display our pics is by thinking about displaying canvases. Okay, so I know that traditionally canvases aren't exactly cheap but I've been in recent contact with a company called SnapBox UK and I think that they can provide a solution for this. First off let me tell you a little me about what I know..

Snapbox launched in the UK last month, they say that they offer an innovative digital photography service which allow their customers to free their images from the confines of their mobile phones and digital cameras by providing them with a high quality and affordable canvas print. Sounds good, but what about the prices? Well, below are their canvas sizes and their prices:

  • 5x5” - £13.99
  • 5x7” - £17.99
  • 8x10” - £24.99
  • 9x9” -  £27.99
  • 10x13” - £34.99

Not bad, don't you think?

Their website explains that their canvases are engineered to be the ideal size for your mobile phone photos and are hand-made when ordered. The canvas frame is matte black baked enamel finish on 100% real wood. The box frame used allows for the canvas to be displayed wherever you want it to be and not just on the wall. It is ideal for work desks, shelves at home, windows sills etc etc. And of course, if you wish it to be it can also be hung up and displayed on your wall as it comes with pre-installed hanging hardware. Pics of example canvases seen below.

in review
In my opinion, this is a service to be excited about, there's no doubt about that whatsoever. This company are making high-quality canvas prints for the price it would cost me to buy a nice frame. But what they sent me wasn't a nice frame.. through the SnapBox service I recieved a surprisingly high quality canvas from a photograph that was taken from my phone, that came in a practical size with a slick modern frame. I feel that SnapBox are the company that are really going to be able to bring smart phone pictures to life and this truly is something to excited about. 

We received our canvas last week (we opted for the 10x13") and from the moment it arrived I've not been able to stop admiring it. First off, the process of actually ordering the canvas was totally easy, then it was a quick delivery with the canvas packaged with total care as not to cause any accidental damage to it during transit. The canvas itself was, if I'm totally honest (which I always am), much better than I had imagined it would be. Here was a high-quality canvas print from a photograph that I had taken with my phone! Impressed was not the word - I was pretty astounded actually. If you don't get the idea already then I'll just say it: I love this canvas. My personal thoughts are that SnapBox appear to be a great company who very clearly put a lot of care, effort and time into their products. If you're interested to find out more about their canvas services you'll find their details listed below. 

More from SnapBox UK

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  1. They certainly come well packaged don't they?! I couldn't get mine out of the box for ages haha.

    This is absolutely gorgeous and Snapbox are definitely heading in the right direction with their fabulous products :D

    Louise xx

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  2. Oooh this sounds great!! I'm gonna be reviewing soon, I can't wait!

    Sparkles &Stretchmarks

  3. I've made a conscious effort to print photos of Ethan every couple of weeks to keep up with how many I'm taking! I love photos and the walls of pur house are covered in snaps - we even have a digital picture frame. I just don't want to forget a thing and love being surrounded by memories. I've just created a simple collage of Ethan using 6"x4" photos but would love a canvas of one of the professional photos we had done when he was 8 days old so will take a look at Snapfish.

    If you want good quality prints, Asda are great - just 5p per photo if you order 200 or more.