Weighing your Baby at Home

 As parents we all know just how important it is to ensure that our babies are gaining a healthy amount of weight. Often during those early Doctors visits, the Doctor may want to weigh our babies and record any weight increases or decreases in the little red development book that we are given post child birth. It's also recommended that we take our babies along to 'weighing clinics' - which are usually run by midwives and often take place at community centres. This is so that we can keep a record of baby's weight development and make sure that they are growing as they should be. There are, however, alternatives to this and one of those alternatives is weighing baby at home -  which is what I have opted to do with my own Son, Ethan. To do this I use the Withings Smart Kid Scales.

Owning these scales has made life a hell of a lot easier for me when it comes to keeping on top of tracking Ethan's weight development. I weigh Ethan probably around once a week and instantly get an accurate reading, the data is then automatically transferred onto my Withings app ready for me to review later on after I've got Ethan dressed and settled. I really like the modern LCD display which makes the scales easily readable. I've come to realise that it is vital that these scales are on a completely flat surface whilst in use.. When I first got them I (stupidly) tried to weigh Ethan with the scales sitting on carpet - I got completely different and inaccurate readings each time. That was until the light bulb clicked in my head and I moved the scales to a totally flat and even surface, after which I have had no problems whatsoever! 

I love owning the Withings Smart Kid scales. Having these scales in the house, ready to hand whenever I feel the need to check Ethan's weight means no queueing on 'weighing day' at the baby clinic. I get to weigh Ethan when I want to. 

How do you weigh your little one?

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  1. Aww I keep meaning to get some proper scales for Oscar!

    You have to weigh your baby yourself at baby clinic nowadays and they no longer offer cheaper tins of formula so I don't see the point of having to rush down there anymore. God I'm so lazy.

    Will have to look at investing in some of these :D

    Thanks for sharing.

    Louise x

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