Introducing and Using a Comforter

I'm interested to know if any of you use comforters with your baby? I know some parents do and some don't. After hearing that they can be a great comfort to babies by helping to settle them I thought I'd give them a go with Ethan. A comforter can be as simple as a muslin cloth that has mum/dad's smell on to help with separation anxiety at bedtime. But if you want something a bit more flashier than there's absolutely loads of lovely comforters out there to choose from. For example on a recent trip to London Adam and I brought this adorable Mickey Mouse one from the Disney Store.

We also we're lucky enough to get the opportunity to review Daisy Roots and we opted for their tabbeez comforter and slippers combo set in blue because not only do you get a super-soft comforter, you get it personalised which I just absolutely love AND you get a lovely pair of adorable soft slippers! The set comes packaged beautifully (as seen below) and the items are of the highest quality! I actually love personalised items and even more so for Ethan, it just adds so much sentiment. This is something that'll stay with him throughout his childhood I hope. See below for more pictures of this beautiful set, which would make the perfect gift for any new baby!

Top tips for introducing and using a comforter with baby:
  • Pick something small, that they can easily hold on to. The above comforter has little textured tabs on to help baby hold on to it and stimulate their senses. 
  • Choose something soft, the softer the better. 
  • Consider personalising the comforter for extra cute factor.
  • Choose something that is machine washable in case there are any accidents or baby is sick.
  • Mum or Dad try sleeping with the comforter before giving to baby, so that it smells of you.
  • Use the comforter whilst feeding, let baby hold it as that's when baby is most relaxed. 
  • Introduce the comfort for all nap/sleep times.
If you're looking for an adorable personalised comforter like the one above, why not check out Daisy Roots . They also sell other little gifts/items for babies.

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  1. Riley has a comfort blanket that he calls 'Backee' it's the dirtiest bit of rag you've ever seen but he loves it lol xx

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  2. That's cute. Alfie never really got into a comforter but he has bear called bedtime bear that he loves, so much so I've bought another so he has 2. He loves to cuddle it and chew his hat lol. I don't really mind him having it though as it keeps him quiet at times.

    Hels X


  3. We waited until Annabelle could roll over for safety to introduce Dolly and it helps loads! She's obsessed with her and gives her kisses. My advice would be if you are going to use a lovie

  4. Sorry, my last comment went funny. The advice is just to have a second comforter in case the first needs cleaning or is ruined somehow.

  5. I'm just introducing a teddy to Isabelle, but at the minute she would hold/suck anything when she is tired! We actually bought two of one toy in case we lose it!

  6. Abigail has her blanket that a friends Mum made for her, she has had since the day she was born she calls it 'blankie' and still has to have it every night before bed. I think its nice for babies/children to have a comforter xx


  7. Aiden had Ducky when he was little - it was a duck comforter. But Ducky got abandoned and Bob the Tiger is his main man now - a proper teddy to cuddle! Comforters are great though, and that personalised one for Ethan is so cute! The slippers are ADORABLE too xo

  8. Love this! Love the print on the slippers! We got given a comforter for when our babe arrives and it's something I hadnt even thought of before so was very thankful! www.brightonmumma.blogspot.co.uk xxx

  9. Awww bless!! Tyne was given a few comforters as gifts when he was born - my fave is a Peter Rabbit one that my sister gave to him. I want to introduce it but I wasn't sure, so thanks for the tips! :D

    I am slightly worried about it being a suffocation issue at night time though if he puts it over his face, so I don't know what age is best to introduce it at?!

    My niece Lottie has a comforter called "Nee Nee" - it is so gross! lol. It used to be a cute little comforter with a teddy bear on but its so discoloured and smelly now coz she sucks on it and she goes MAD if my sister ever washes it!! She gets REALLY upset if she goes out and accidentally leaves "Nee Nee" behind - so its a bit of a pain lol

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