10 Reasons Why We Love Method

1. Method are cruelty-free! BUAV, leaping bunny approved! That means that they have never tested their products nor their ingredients on animals and they do not endorse, request nor commission any animal testing on their behalf. Yay!

2. Method products work! Their cleaners use powerful formula's made with naturally derived surfactants that work by dissolving and removing dirt. 
3. The product smells gorgeous. You know that, 'Oo my house smells really clean smell', well yeah that.

4. The bottles are BIG. You get loads of product for your money. Always a bonus!

5. All of their bottles look modern. You may laugh, but to me, this matters! Never before have I wanted to 'display' a cleaning product like I do with Method. Their products are gorgeous!

6. They're safe! Stinging eyes, burning lungs and headaches aren’t just unfortunate side effects of a well-kept home. They’re warning signs. That’s your body telling you, “Don’t use this. This is bad for you.” Method rigorously assesses every ingredient they use, to ensure complete safety. That’s why method’s entire product line is both people- and pet-friendly, specially formulated to put the hurt on dirt without harming a hair on you or your loved ones’ heads. Nice!

7. Method are 'green'. They make their bottles from 100% recycled plastic.

8. Cleaning is fun with Method - no more gagging on yucky bleach and having to have every single window in the house open to get rid of over-powering harmful smells. 

9. Did I mention that they're all this and cruelty free?!! Oh yeah I did, refer back to point 1. 

10 They are my favourite ever cleaning product company! They work, they look great, they don't test on animals, they smell GORGEOUS, they're safe to use around my baby and my kitties! Seriously, what is not to love?

All Method cleaning products can be found here : http://www.methodproducts.co.uk/prod_all.html

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Alex xo


  1. These sound great, I hate the overpowering smells of cleaning products. I shall take a look over at their website.xx


  2. Sounds good! I can't even walk down the washing powder aisle in supermarkets without feeling ill! May have to get these when I eventually move out x

  3. I've got a review of these products coming soon on my blog, I really like them! :) xx

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