Seizing the Moment

I used to be the girl hiding in the corner at children's party, the girl that when the other kids from school would see her and wave would hide behind her Mum. As I grew up I was the girl too scared to ask someone for a job, that girl who was too scared to speak over the phone or learn to drive. I was the girl who was too scared to tell the person I went on to marry and have a child with that I liked them. What I'm trying to say is I was the girl with no self confidence. The over-shy girl. I don't know why I was that girl.. Looking back I had no real reason to be. 

I'm not that girl anymore. I recognised my lack of confidence and decided to do something about it, I took a job that was an hour away from home and where I spoke on the phone every single day. The job I joined forced me to become more confident. 

Since having Ethan I have found an all new confidence, I'll call it 'Mummy confidence'. Having him in my life and with me forces me to do things I'd never usually do i.e stick at blogging and attend things like a post-natal group. Being a Mum really has changed my confidence levels. I'm not going to pretend that I'm Mrs. Confident, I still have moments of shyness and days that I lack self confidence but on the whole I'm pleased with where I'm at.

This new confidence of mine has taught me something -  it's taught me to 'seize the moment'. And by that I mean go for things that perhaps I would have let pass me by previously. Say 'yes' to things rather than 'no'. Be bold and ask- if you don't ask you don't get. Believe in myself and know my worth. Talk to people. Be spontaneous. Take a chance. Stop caring what people think and just be me. But most of all - know that there's no such thing as 'But I can't'... 
Alex xo


  1. Such a well written, lovely post x

  2. Good for you xx


  3. I can relate to that - I was always the same way!! Its good that having Ethan has made you feel more confident :)

    Sparkles &



  4. I'm so pleased you found your inner-confidence! You're a gorgeous lady who writes beautifully.

    I'm heading in the opposite direction it seems. I've gone from being full of confidence to slowly withdrawing from the world. I think more than anything I'm simply tired, but I wish I was more outgoing and strong again.

    Oh well. I blame it on the UK's miserable weather haha.

    Great post Alex

    Leanne xoxo

    1. Leanne thank you for such a lovely comment. Sorry to hear that, I have moments like that too, hopefully it'll pass soon for you! xx

  5. Lovely post, it's good to see you've found some confidence in your self! Xo

  6. Ahhh good for you hun! I can relate to this as I was very shy as a child too, I'm still shy and nervous now until I get to know people or get to know a situation. Being a mum has made me stick with things I might have given up on before xx

  7. This is a lovely post and so true. There is definitely no such thing as can't. x