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It's fair to say that as a new Mum I don't have half of the amount of time anymore that I use to and being so busy means I often forget things, including ideas I think up in regards to blogging. So to solve this problem of mine, I've started writing things down.

Instead of grabbing a random piece of paper off of the printer I decided that I wanted to keep all of my blogging ideas in something a bit more 'pretty', I don't know why, it's just a girl thing I suppose. Plus I'm one of those people that never grew out of the desire to have pretty pieces of stationery.. At school you could get away with saying that having the best stationery was a bit of a competition with the other classmates but really I just love it. I'm one of those sad adults that loves to see all the new pieces of stationery come in to the shops around August time for when the kids are going back to school. And yep, I'm actually SO excited to buy Ethan little bits of funky stationery when he's old enough. But anyway back to my blogging organisation... 

I'm using the Caroline Gardner stationery and I LOVE it. It is the ultimate in pretty! Above are the three pieces I have.. the notebook, sticky notes and the kitchen jotter. 

My personal favourite is the notebook! Could it be any prettier? I don't know if you can tell from the photograph or not but the quality and therefore the feel of it is pretty amazing. This is where all my blogging ideas are kept and anything else I need to remember to do. It is the perfect size and it sits looking very pretty in front of my new sparkling iMac where I blog, this is so I can quickly and easily check what things I need to do. 

Above is the front inside page, it has a rather cute little pocket for little notes to be stored. The notebook costs £9.50 and it can be brought here.

The next thing I have is this magnetised kitchen jotter, pictured above. I pretty much use this for jotting down items that I need to remember to buy when I order the online food shop. It's quite convenient to have on the fridge in the kitchen as it means I can use up the last of say the tomato sauce for example and then just quickly jot it down so that when it gets to Friday and I'm doing the shopping online and thinking 'Hmm.. What do I need to order?' I can just look back and go 'Ah-ha, I know!'... If you get what I mean! Haha.

Obviously I didn't want to have any old of kitchen jotter.. To fit with my obsession for pretty stationery I wanted something that was completely and utterly adorable.. which I think this is! It costs £8.50 and is available here.

Above is the back, I love that even the back of the jotter is pretty! 

Finally, the last item I have from Caroline Gardner's beautiful range is this sticky note booklet pictured above which I LOVE. I don't think I've ever seen sticky notes looking so err, damn cute! {See below}.

I love using these for around the house and also inside of my blogging notebook to make the pages stand out. Also, admittedly for leaving little love notes around the place for Adam from time to time {I'm a romantic me!}. You get five pads of sticky notes inside each with a unique pretty design on. It costs £7.50 and is available here.

All of the items featured are available to purchase from http://www.carolinegardner.com/. If you're as into pretty stationery as I am then I would urge you to check out what they have for sale, because quite honestly every single item is just adorable, it's hard to pick!

Other items they sell include beautiful unique cards like the ones pictured below, invitations, personalised items, gift wrap, scented candles, purses, wash bags and lots more!


  1. I looooove stationery!! I'm really into penpalling so it goes hand in hand with it!
    this all looks lovely!!

    I must admit though, i just keep my blog notes on notepad on the computer ... so unglam!

    Sparkles &



    1. Haha aww :) I use to use my iphone notes app, but yeah it was v.unglam! :P x

  2. This is a much better idea than my current... POST-IT notes organisation, i always write the ideas down... can never find the post-it's. woops.
    Think I might start doing something like this, Thanks for sharing x