Trying Out A New Blog Format

Hi Guys! How are you? 

I've decided to try out something a little different with my blog for a while. I don't know if it'll work because having a little one means that there's no room for planning my days out anymore, well until he gets a little older at least! So I'll have to see how well scheduling works out for me!

So anyway, what I'm thinking is that I will have set days for different categories of posts.. 


Mondays will become 'Monday 'Mum'Days

Thursdays will be 'Make you THINK Thursdays'

and then

Friday will be 'Fridays Finest'

Monday 'Mum'Days will be blog posts about everything Mum related. This will be things like useful product reviews for Mums, advice for new Mums, posts about my pregnancy/birth, general chat about being a Mum and Ethan etc etc. 

Make you THINK Thursdays will be what the title suggests blog posts that make you think! I cannot wait to start writing these!

Fridays Finest is going to be a blog post from me every Friday with things that I love from the week. It wont cover anything in particular, it'll just be a mix of things that have made me smile. This could be a blog post from a blog I've been reading, it could be a blog in general, it could be a product, a food, a film, a website etc etc. It's basically going to be my way of sharing my weekly loves. 

I will still have my general blog posts and reviews in between where I can fit them in. I just thought it would be fun to give this new format a go for a while. Please let me what you think? And if you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see me post then again please please let me know! I'd be so grateful!

Oh and a massive thank you to everyone who follows me on Bloglovin! I just reached 100 followers, and yeah I know to some people this isn't a big deal, but to me it's massive! I really appreciate every single person who comes to my blog and reads it, so thank you so much <3 

Google Reader is being axed as of July 1st so please consider following me using Bloglovin, Thanks :)

Alex xo


  1. Great idea hun xx


  2. Ooo looking forward to thursdays!


  3. Look forward to reading them all!!xx