A {Very} Simple Pasta Salad

I adore pasta. I seriously love it, and I probably eat way too much of it, in fact I know I do.
My Husband and I will often make ourselves this very simple pasta lunch and we think it tastes absolutely gorgeous, especially so during the Summer on a nice hot day {yeah, we can dream!}. It's a perfect lunch snack for family days out or picnics so I thought I would share it with you:

simple pasta salad

Shopping List

simple pasta salad
  • Pasta - whatever kind you like and however much you'd like.
  • Mayonnaise - I use Hellmann's light, because 1. It's healthier, and 2. Because it contains free range eggs. 
  • Cucumber - I buy half of a cucumber and it's enough.
  • Cherry tomatoes - I use the whole punnet.
  • Cheese - I buy Tesco's Organic Mature Cheddar but you can use whatever you like.
  • Spinach - I use spinach for the iron {great when pregnant}.
  • 1 Apple - Any you like.

{You can pretty much choose to add whatever you like in to your pasta salad, but for the sake of this post I've chosen the above as this is what I prefer.}

  1. Pour however much pasta as you would like into a saucepan cover with water, and bring this to the boil. (Use maybe the whole bag of pasta so that you have spare pasta salad for the next day or for family).
  2. Whilst waiting for this, you will need to start chopping up your salad, you can start with whatever you like. Chop the cherry tomatoes into four, half then half again. Everything else chop into little squares including the cheese (I'd use maybe 3/4 of a cheese block). You don't need to chop the spinach leaves - you can add these on afterwards.
  3. Once the pasta has boiled and is ready, drain it and leave it to cool off. You'll be eating it cold, so don't worry about it getting too cool. 
  4. By the time the pasta has cooled off you should of hopefully have finished chopping the salad. You can now pour the pasta and the chopped salad all together into a large mixing bowl. 
  5. Once you have poured everything in together, get a large wooden spoon and mix it in a little bit. 
  6. Now you want to add your mayonnaise, this will act as your sauce, so put enough in to cover the pasta but not too much as you don't want it smothered, a thin layer will do. 
  7. Mix the chopped salad, pasta and mayonnaise in together. Add your spinach leaves to the top if desired.
  8. You'll need to store your pasta salad in the fridge, so either place your mixing bowl in the fridge with cling film over the top or if you are planning on taking the pasta salad to work/school then find lunch box type containers or even the tubs you get from Chinese take-aways will do, as long as they have lids. 
  9. The pasta salad tastes best cold, so allow for it to get cold, for best results wait until the next day, serve for lunch, and enjoy! 
So there you have it - A very simple pasta salad!

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