Maternity Leave

Dear Baby, 

So that is it! Today I finished my last day of work before I become your Mummy. I am now officially on my Maternity Leave and honestly I can't believe how quickly it has come around! It feels like just yesterday when your Dad and I found out that Mummy was pregnant and that we were having you, and here we are nearly 9 months later! 

You're full term now which basically means you could come any day and you'll never ever fully know just how exciting that is for us! We can't stop talking about you, we can't stop thinking about you, we can't stop staring at my belly {which is still growing!} and wondering who you are going to look most like. We are completely in love with you already. The more you kick me, the more I think about your tiny little feet and how I can't wait to see them and study them for the very first time, and try and work out how possibly they could have just moments before have been inside of my stomach high up in my ribs! 

So many people have wished us good luck for your safe arrival and for our future as a family of 3. My work colleagues spoilt me today and of course you got some things too:

I feel very lucky. I feel very lucky about a lot of things. I love life so much at the moment, I've never been happier and more content than I am right now. I didn't realise a couple of years ago just how happy becoming a Mummy would make me, but here I am so close to meeting you - my first baby, and my gosh I really am one happy girl. 

So anyway, I am going to spend the time I have before you arrive resting up so that I have enough energy for the big day, tidying the house so that you come home to a {hopefully} clean house and preparing everything for family life. Oh, and I'll very much be spending the last of my pregnancy in comfort, which means pyjamas and dressing gowns! ;-)

I can't wait to finally meet you little man, your Dad and I are just so super excited to become your parents and love you lots and lots and lots. 

Love Mum. xxxxx
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  1. You look positively radiant, it is so lovely xx


  2. Ooo, it's so exciting. I had to start my maternity leave early because of my scoliosis playing up so I've mostly been in PJs all day every day haha.

    Wishing you all the best Alex :D

    Louise x

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    1. Awh that sucks, when did you have to start it? I was lucky enough that my work reduced my hours otherwise I too would have had to go early.

      Thank you so much, and the same to you!! :-) xo

  3. I really do love all your posts, they all make me well up!! I love your writing style too! Enjoy maternity leave, I am truly missing it so much! xxx

    1. This comment made me smile so much, thank you!