36 Weeks: Dealing With Crazy Hormones!

How far along?: 36 Weeks.. 6 Days. {Yep, I'm a little late with this post yet again!}.

Maternity clothes: Nothing new - still squeezing myself into what I have. My previously baggier clothes are now tight fitting around my stomach.

Stretch marks: Found some new stretch marks this week! On both sides of my stomach just above my hips are matching stretch marks, they're not really visible from the front and I'm not particularly that bothered by them. I'm guessing if I'm going to get them, it'll be around now, as my belly is stretching like it never has before.

Sleep: Yeah I wake up for the toilet a couple of times a night but to be honest I can't complain about sleep as It's pretty smooth.

Best moment this week: Having a sort out of the living room and making a few new purchases for it {More here}

Miss anything?: Having energy is still sorely missed.

Movement: Your still really really active and you still love kicking my ribs! But as much as it can hurt, I'd rather you were wriggling about in there so I know that you're okay. You've also been hiccuping a lot again this week. 

Food cravings: Nothing to note.

Anything making you queasy or sick? I've been feeling a little queasy this week but not because of anything in particular and like I've said before I haven't yet been sick so I wont complain!

Gender: BOY!<3

Labour signs: Not yet, not even had any Braxton hicks.

Symptoms:Completely and utterly exhausted and more so this week then previous weeks, still getting the shooting pains down below from time to time, struggling to get up from bending down or getting out of the car, also struggling with eating dinner because my bumps getting in the way and the more I bend the more my scoliosis back pain goes into spasm {so Dad and I have started eating at the table and I've been putting plenty of pillows behind my back}, Dad does the washing up now everyday so I'm not leaning over and massages me when I do get the spams {I do love him so much!}, some heartburn and lots of crazy hormones!!!

Belly button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? On and hopefully not ever coming off!

Happy or moody most of the time: I'm very happy and excited to meet you but I am also extremely hormonal and I have got such a whirl of emotions/thoughts/worries/excitement and quite a bit of anxiety going around in my head at the moment and my mood swings are changing faster than even I can keep up with let alone your poor Dad. I know it's all normal towards the end of pregnancy and I know I can't control my hormones, so I'm trying my hardest to keep calm and take one day at a time. My problem is I'm frustrating myself because where I am the type of person who likes to keep busy and keep the house clean, I'm physically not able to do this anymore and it's very hard for me to just relax and rest but I'm working on it!

Looking forward to: Turning 37 weeks tomorrow! Full term yay!

Also This week: I've packed our hospital bags! I loved packing your bag full of all of your tiny new things and had a lot of fun working out what you'll be needing!

We popped into Mothercare again yesterday {which is never good for our bank account}, we we're looking to check out a baby monitor we have in mind for you and get me fitted for a nursing bra, and we ended up coming away with yet more presents for you: 

They're completely adorable, we just couldn't resist!!
Daddy insisted on the outfit and I insisted on the little Hedgehog.. I can't wait to give them to you!!


  1. you look gorgeous! And no stretch marks!! im jealous haha xx

    1. Aw thanks. But I do have a few stretch marks sadly! {just very well hidden}. They're not so bad though I really can't complain at this stage!

  2. Wow, not long to go at all! Exiting for you guys! I found to the other day via UK bloggers, you blog is really nicely done, and your story with your husband is one of the most adorable I've read! Would love a follow back if you get a chance! Best of luck with your little man when he decides to make his arrival.

    That hedgehog is so cute! :3

    - Nin xx

    1. Aw thank you! I will have a read of your blog.

  3. What fabulous bump pictures and you look so lovely! xx

  4. You look great! Your bump is so neat. I love the little outfit from Mothercare, I actually popped in there today and brought a few bits for my bubba, first time I've brought stuff, I thought now I'm half way through my pregnancy I may as well start getting hospital bag bits, they have a sale at the moment too, some really lovely outfits xxx


    1. Thanks! Ah I loved getting to that stage when I felt ready to start buying for my little man it's super exciting! Mothercare sell such adorable baby items!

  5. Cute blog! I have two aged 2 and under so I remember 36w well! You seem well organised with baby clothes and hospital bag at the ready so its just a waiting game now! Can't wait to read about baby boy's arrival!

    If you fancy seeing what life will be like with a 10m old baby boy, have a read of my blog at www.samandasha2.blogspot.com

  6. Oh my goodness you are so cute & little!!! Congrats on that sweet boy coming! I can't wait to see him!

  7. This is truly an awesome blog, thanks for sharing your reviews. Would love to hear more of your stories. How is it going now?