10 Things You Really Shouldn't Say To A Pregnant Woman

During the last eight months of pregnancy I've at times been left completely amazed by the random and interesting one liners that some people have come out with when talking to me about my ever-growing baby bump and what life for me will be like in time to come..

It's true that there are some people that don't actually realise quite what they're saying and some that simply mean for their comments to be taken in good humour and although I've not actually ever taken anything that's been said to heart, {because I do actually see the funny side}.. I thought it would make for quite an interesting post to tell you about just some of these comments.. 

1. "Hello Fatty" 
Yeah OK.. funny {to some}, even potentially flattering the first time {that someone notices your growing bump} but only maybe the first time - not so much on the 100th time.
2. "You're a bit young aren't you?" 
  Well no.. actually I'm no - I'm 25 this year, married and have been with my baby's Dad for over 10 years for your information..
3. "Having a baby isn't cheap you know." 
 Yes, thank you I do know.. This happens to have already crossed my mind just a few times, you know whilst buying all of his new things and during the endless discussions of finances with my Husband. 
4. "You should make the most of sleep whilst you can." 
 Yep I'm trying to but sadly my bladder has other ideas..
5. "You'll have to watch your cats with the baby."
 Seriously for the 100th time I KNOW. I'm really not going to let the cats bite/scratch/smother my child.. I'm not stupid.
6. "Haha, look it's cyclops!" 
{Referring to my popped out belly button visible through my t-shirt} It happens to some {but not all} of us pregnant ladies - our belly buttons pop out..We have a small human growing inside of our stomach! We don't however need to be constantly reminded about our 'weirdly shaped' belly buttons or told that it's an 'all seeing eye' or even that perhaps it's popped out in sympathy {thank you anyway Mr. Random Post Office guy!}.
7. "How much weight have you put on?"
 Erm, number 1. I don't actually know because I've not been weighing myself - I'm very obviously going to put on weight and actually I have no desire whatsoever to be constantly jumping on and off of the scales to know just how much weight I have gained, surely as long as my baby's growing properly that's all that matters? And number 2. Is it really any of your business?
8. "Well, women in poor countries work right up to the minute they're about to give birth, pop their baby's out and then go straight back to work."
 I don't know why some people feel the need to inform pregnant women of this when we say that we're tired? We know that we're extremely lucky to have support around us and to live in a wealthy country, we know that not everyone has access to the same medicines and treatments that are available to us -  we don't just forget this suddenly because we're pregnant..
9. "Aww..You look awful!" 
Thanks for this, that may be because I've been up most of the night emptying my bladder, snoozing until 15 minutes before I'm meant to leave for work, then in a hurry throwing random often non-matching pieces of loose fitting clothing on together with the tiniest amount of make up - all with zero energy and still half a sleep. Oh and it's pretty difficult to look your best whilst feeling like a zombie mindlessly walking about planet Earth. 
10. "Having a shower will become a luxury - you will NEVER have any time to yourself again."
Yay for focusing on the positive parts of parenthood! NOT. ;-)

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  1. LOL!!! Love it!!!

    I think the ONLY one I haven't had is the belly button one but only coz mine hasn't popped lol - "Popped in sympathy"?!!! Erm....what?! lol.

    Number 1 happened to me JUST now actually! I do not know why people think its a good idea to anger a woman who is 9 months pregnant, as I could quite happily rip most peoples heads off for no reason anyway - DON'T give me a reason!!! lol.

    The sleep/shower one is one of my faves too!

    Another one I love is women who've had babies before saying "Oh you're MUCH bigger than I was at that stage! I didn't start showing until X weeks...."...So, Do you want a Brownie Badge for that achievement?! SHUT UP!


    Sparkles and Stretchmarks

    1. Haha, thanks.

      Lol - yeah I think people forget that we are very tired and very hormonal and 'fatty' comments do not blend well with those two things.

      Ah yes, another classic!

      Thanks for reading xo

  2. Oh my god, do people really say these things?! *shudder*
    What is wrong with some people? :(


  3. Someone said to me today "Ooo look at you, any day now huh?" Erm no, actually I have 7 weeks to go. I know I'm on the large side but you're not making me feel any better!

    We just have to think that it will be all worth it in the end :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. Oh god.. How awkward. Yes it will be! Definitely!

  4. When you're pregnant it seems that people just lose all sense of being tactful!xx

  5. Worse than all of this? Strangers feeling the need to touch your bump!!


  6. I can't stand it when people say stupid things when your pregnant, my brother's friend always refers to me as 'fatty' now because I'm pregnant and the joke is getting a tad boring, literally every time I see him he makes a point of saying it!! So annoying!

    Em xx


  7. Oh this is so true! I wish I'd started charging the in-laws for the whole 'you'll need to be careful with your cats' comments, when in fact in the 10 months since baby arrived, my cats haven't been anywhere near her, at all. I DO get time to shower, but I enjoy it all the more because baby sits in her chair and gurgles away while I do. :) x

    1. Lol, the cat one just makes me roll my eyes!

  8. PMSL I can imagine the kind of responses I would give to that lot! xx


  9. I agree x 10!

    What is it with people?! I was not very restrained whilst pregnant and generally these kinds of comments met with the instruction to fluff off! You give them some stick lovely, blame your hormones!

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    1. Haha, yes I could do that, hormones are a great excuse.

  10. Just wait until after the baby...people were still asking me if I was expecting two months afterwards. I just smiled and then ran home and cried. Kidding.

    The one thing I wanted more than anything after having a baby was more sleep. So, that is the one thing I will say I almost agree with...I don't think I slept for three months after my baby was born.

  11. The comments you get during pregnancy are so annoying! Even more annoying are the comments when you go overdue, I'm 8 days overdue now and if one more person says to me "have you still not had that baby yet?" I'll scream! In fact they've been saying it to me for weeks and I've had to say "it's not even my due date yet!
    Great post :) xx

    Beauty by Emma - Beauty, Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

  12. This is soooo spot on lol wait until he's here and you will have to listen to everyone and their dogs advice on everything baby related lol drives me insane! xx

  13. OMG, I wouldn't DARE say any of these to a pregnant woman!! How rude!! That's terrible...and I hate to echo Georgina ^^ but you'll get even more "advice" and remarks once you have a child in the house. :( People just don't know when to shut up!

    And seriously, watch the cats? They're pets, not beasts. Sheesh. As if you're stupid!

  14. I always get the fatty comments. I think some people enjoy trying to make pregnant women insecure!!

    I also had someone ask if we were keeping our dog!!! She's a pug not exactly dangerous, but yes thanks for letting me know not to leave baby alone. I was planning on leaving the pug to babysit occasionally ! X


  15. Ha! I totally understand you. Guess what my doctor had to say when I told him that we were trying to have another baby: "Aren't you a little TOO YOUNG?!" (I'm 27 and this is #2) A doctor should be more than used to it, but I guess this one wasn't...