Valentines Day 2013: Feeling Rough

Sick day Cat

      I'm writing this blog post from the covers of my warm bed, Charlie, our cat, is snuggling at my feet and I am feeling totally rough! I've been in bed since 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon with what I think is a horrible stomach bug, it really sucks! Obviously my main concern is you, but the Internet tells me that the bug shouldn't effect you as long as I drink plenty of water which I am doing. I've felt you moving lots and lots (in fact more than I ever have), so I guess you're telling me that you're okay in there! I haven't felt this rough in a long time, and on top of being nearly 32 weeks pregnant it's pretty tough - so I'm getting lots of rest and am hoping to be feeling better soon!

     Yesterday was Valentines Day.. <3 To be honest - I'm not crazy about this particular holiday because I think that love should be celebrated and shown to the one you love every single day. Your Dad and I decided that we weren't going to do 'presents' as such for each other this year, 1. because of this reason and 2. because buying things for you and your nursery these last few months has not exactly been cheap! ;)

     However we did of course exchange cards and I brought him a little box of choccies. He came home from work in the evening with possibly one of the best presents I may have ever received.. 

Valentines cookie

Yes - that is a giant cookie from Millies Cookies!! I absolutely LOVE cookies and although I couldn't eat a lot of it due to feeling poorly, it really cheered me up! As I opened the box the smell of cookie was so intense and heavenly! Your Dad is pretty amazing and knows me too well! 

We we're due to go for a 'Valentines' meal tonight at the Thai that he loves here in Aylesbury, but I don't think I'm going to be well enough for it... so we will go just as soon as I'm feeling better again which I'm hoping will be very soon!!

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  1. Mmm I love Millie's Cookies!

    Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Being poorly and pregnant at the same time is really horrible :(

    I hope you feel better soon


  2. I hope you feel better soon :)

    I've been in bed for a whole week with flu and only today actually had the energy to get up and go out!! I'm sure being pregnant makes everything feel 100 times worse!!

    I love Millies Cookies, I would have eaten that all in one go lol :) xxx