30 Weeks: We've Hit The Big 3-0!

How far along? This is my 30 Week bump update... I am actually 30weeks.. 6 days today. Can you believe it has been 30 weeks already?!

Maternity clothes: Still wearing my usual - comfy baggy tops usually with a pair of leggings, there's nothing like being comfortable - especially when pregnant!!

Stretch marks: The stretch marks on my breasts have got darker this week. Still nothing on my stomach yet.

Sleep: This week it has been harder getting to sleep because I have found it a bit more difficult finding a comfortable position. Last night I woke up a record number of times to visit the toilet, and often I find myself very suddenly awake because you're wriggling about in there!

Best moment this week: Turning 30 weeks pregnant!.. Going from the 20's to the 30's is a pretty big milestone!

Miss anything? Not having my ribcage crushed and poked!

Movement: I feel you wriggling about all of the time! You like mummy's ribs - a lot. I feel you readjusting yourself when I move positions especially when I'm in bed. This week when I have felt you kick/wriggle, and I've brought my hand to my tummy to feel you, I've been able to grab a little lump - possibly your foot/elbow/bum. Daddy has felt this too!

Food cravings: When I first fell pregnant with you, I began drinking Irn Bru. I discovered this again yesterday! I'm not sure if it is a 'craving' or not, but I really like the taste!

30 week baby bump

Anything making you queasy or sick? No not really.

Gender: Boy!

Labour signs: No

Symptoms: More back pain this week! :( My lower back is definitely feeling your growth!

Belly button in or out? My belly button is poking out! And is visible through my clothes, which people seem to think is quite funny!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time: Very happy to be carrying you and so looking forward to meeting you! I have been a little hormonal and grumpy though, especially when I'm feeling uncomfortable.

Looking forward to: The appointment with the midwife tomorrow morning, so I can hear your heartbeat and see if you're still in the same position. 

Also This week: Sammy (our cat) had to have an operation at the vets to remove five (yes, five!) teeth. Mummy and Daddy were both so worried about her, but she was fine! She has a growth in her mouth which the vet is sending off for testing, we will get the result at her check-up appointment next week (the same day we get to see you again - our growth scan appointment. I don't actually know why we are having anymore growth scans, you measured on the bigger side of average at our last scan! Originally they were concerned about my low BMI pre-pregnancy, but that hasn't stopped you growing big and strong).

30 week baby bump


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