31 Weeks: Feeling Oh So VERY Pregnant!

How far along?: 31 weeks.. 6 days.. Though right now, feeling like I'm 40 weeks!!! 

Maternity clothes: Nothing new, but I think I perhaps need to change this and invest in some new either just bigger or actual maternity clothing as things are starting to get wayyyy too tight!!

Stretch marks: All around my boobs still.. though honestly, like I've said before, they aren't really bothering me.. stomach stretch marks I think will upset me a little when and if they come, but hey it's all part of creating a new little life! So completely worth it.

Sleep: Randomly waking up during the night a few times...then deciding I need to visit the toilet seems to be a near every night occurrence now, you usually seem to be awake when this happens and you'll give me a little kick or two. Getting to sleep hasn't really been a problem.

Best moment this week: Yesterday your Dad and I shopped at Mothercare to try and finish off getting all of the things that we will need for you straight away after you are born.. we got lots of little bits for you using a 10% off discount voucher, including your car seat {we got the Graco Evo car seat in 'Pitstop' (black), to go with your pram.}, car seat base for the car, baby bath and accessories, changing mat, {both the bath/accessories and changing mat are from Mothercare's 'Loved So Much' range which we have pretty much kitted your room out in.} and lots of other little bits that you or us will be needing. I still get such a lovely feeling and little rush of excitement as a first time expectant mum when buying you things.

Miss anything?: Not that I can think of.

Movement: The pregnancy app I use on my iPhone says that your movement will slow down around now because you are growing so big and there is less and less room, however I feel like this is the stage that I have felt you moving the most!.. Maybe that's because you are getting so big.. I feel you wriggling and tapping away at me. I feel and see little lumps under my skin, which are probably your feet. You still like picking at my ribs, sometimes I think my ribs must be bruised! If one of the cats sit on top of me, you'll usually kick them too!

Food cravings: Still not craving anything..

Anything making you queasy or sick? I've been unwell these last couple of days with what I think is a stomach bug or something and so have been feeling rather sick with that! >.< {booo!!}

Gender: You're A Little Baby Boy!

Labour signs: No

Symptoms: SO much lower back pain. I feel like my bump has grown so much just this last week, and my back is feeling it too! It hurts and is very uncomfortable but it eases from time to time, and on the plus side my upper back pain {from my scoliosis} is behaving itself {thank God!}. 
I have felt some pressure down below and am suffering a lot with acid + wind - I can't work out whether or not this is related my stomach bug or not. Or whether or not it was in fact a stomach bug or something that was pregnancy related. Today I got an odd feeling in my mouth - like a metallic taste with some heartburn.

Belly button in or out? Out and still looking very much like a little eyeball poking through my tops!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy -- but starting to feel very uncomfortable!

Looking forward to: We have another growth scan at the Hospital on Tuesday for you, so we'll get to see you again {Yay!}.. We then have to take Sammy for her check-up appointment at the vets and then we are going to go out for a Thai meal to make up for last Friday when I wasn't well enough to go.

Also This week: Apart from being unwell this week, it was also Valentines Day on Thursday and I blogged about it {here}. You may remember that in last week's bump update post I blogged about Sammy {our cat} having to have a dental operation and that the Vet was concerned about a small mass in her mouth that was either an abscess or a tumour... well we've had the call from the Vet and it's good news!.. It's not a tumour, it's just a mass from the bad teeth she had in her mouth! :) So obviously we're very happy about that!


  1. Oh you look amazing! And congratulations!

    Looking at this makes me miss my bump! Though I don't miss the back pain, horrible isn't it? I used to permanently have a luke warm hot water bottle strapped to my back.

    Your blog is lovely, happy to be following along on your journey

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Hi! And thank you for your lovely comment!!.. and for following! :-)
      Yeah the lower back pain is starting to become quite nasty! I'm wondering if it'll pass or if it just gets worse!! >.<
      I'll have to try a hot water bottle too!!

      Alex xo

  2. Lovely blog. So exciting! Is it wrong that you're making me feel a teeny bit broody?! Haha

    Harriet x

  3. Thank you :-) And thanks for following! Aww.. haha!

    Alex xo