Expectations Of A First Time Mummy-To-Be

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    As a first time Mum-to-be with less than eight weeks to go until my due date, I can safely say that my mind and probably the minds of other expectant parents, races daily with both pure excitement and joy and also the fear of the unknown and uncertainty of the future. At times I feel completely ready to face the fear that is childbirth and become a confident and ready-for-whatever life throws at me first time parent and then other times I feel like I'm waiting in line for the biggest, most scariest roller coaster I could ever imagine and it is with this vision that I seem to turn to jelly and feel a little overwhelmed by it all.

   But, really, it doesn't matter which frame of mind my head is in... I am going to be a mum and honestly I could not be happier about that if I tried. I feel completely ready and somehow I just know that this is going to be the best thing I've ever done. 
  So as a first time Mummy-to-be I thought I would share some of my personal expectations about what the future holds for you, your Dad and I.
I expect that...

  •  I will have an undying, unconditional love for you as soon as I see you. My heart will probably feel like it is going to burst because it will hold that much love for you inside of it!

  • I'll probably not ever want to let you go.. I'm already an over the top protective person (just ask your Dad).. So I imagine that I will be probably be the most protective mum in the world when it comes to you! I will try hard not to be too over the top.. But I can't make any promises!!

  • Normal sleep at normal times will be a thing of the past for me.. I'm expecting to be so tired that I will feel like a mindless zombie - anything better than that will be greatly appreciated, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • The house that I obsessively clean daily at the moment will not stay this way for even 10 minutes after you are born. I expect that I will not even have the energy to clean it in the first place.

  • That taking a shower will become a luxury.

  • I may well live in my PJ's and dressing gown for a long time after you are born, it wont be too different to now though as I have pretty much done this the whole way through my pregnancy with you.

  • I will become more mellow and learn to chill out when it comes to housework and silly everyday occurrences that bug me now as I will have you to focus on and worry about.. (and again - I will most likely not have the energy to care about the small trivial things.)

  • At times I will get really stressed, possibly upset and even frustrated, but that most of my time will be spent having fun with you, learning with you, cuddling, and staring at you with complete adoration. 

  • The amount of washing that needs to be done to go through the roof.

  • I will learn so much about myself and feel like I've unlocked a whole new way of life.

  • I will feel so much happiness and complete joy in my heart when I see you interacting/cuddling/playing with your Daddy and with the cats.

  • I will feel so unbelievably proud of myself when you are born.. knowing that I have grown you inside of me and that I have faced my biggest fear: childbirth. 

  • I'll be in a lot of pain after the birth, this scares me, but I know it'll be worth it.

  • My body will probably never look like it did pre-pregnancy.

  • I will have a whole new respect and understanding for my own mum and other parents.

  • I will adore your Dad even more than I do now, seeing him be a parent will probably make my heart melt into complete mush.

  • Your Dad and I will have many conversations about who you look like most and how amazing it is that we created you. We'll probably discuss at length what we think you will become when you're older - I'd already like you to be a Vet! ;)

  • The future holds so many happy memories for us. 

& I know that...

  • You will be so loved by so many people and that as long as we all have each other it doesn't matter where life takes us - as long as it takes us together!

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  1. Ahhhhh bless you, what a lovely post.

    Funnily I didn't feel the great rush of love that you're supposed to experience with your firstborn. It look me a little while to stop feeling like I'd been hit by a bus and start feeling all warm and fuzzy about my newborn. I think it's important to note that sometimes you don't instantly feel that way. It didn't take me long though! And I love her little head off now though!

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. Ahhh, what a lovely post!

    Although I have to say I didn't have the instant rush of love that you're supposed to feel with your firstborn. It took me a little while to stop feeling like I'd been hit by a bus and start feeling warm and fuzzy about her. I do think she's tops now though!

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...