Babysitter Communication: 5 tips for parents

You’ve found your babysitter, that is one step out of the way. But how do you go about communicating clearly with them? Check this article for 5 tips on how to communicate properly with your babysitter!

  1. Create routine check-ins

Routine check-ins are essential as they provide an opportunity to stay updated regarding the care of your children, discuss any issues that may be occurring, and also stop any potential issues from happening. What you could consider doing during the routine check-ins is to give a tip and a top to your babysitter, that way you balance the feedback so that it is not too focused on any negatives. Of course, it’s a good time to be open to questions, comments, and feedback from your babysitter as well - so definitely give them the time to share! You can decide how frequently you would like the routine check-ins to occur.

  1. Pick a channel

Make sure to choose a communication method that suits both of you.

In today’s society, there are lots of different ways to communicate with one another. There are people who prefer to communicate through text or situations in which written communication may be better, as this gives them more time to carefully select their words as well as there being a record so that you can easily revisit instructions or what was agreed upon. However, there are some people who prefer to communicate in person or situations when in person communication may be better, as it’s sometimes easier to make sure you’re being understood or explain something in person. 

In the end, you should choose a communication method that works best for you and your babysitter. It is also important to be clear about this method as, particularly in an  urgent or emergency situation, you both need to know the best way to reach one another. 

On Babysits you can find and get in touch with babysitters via the messaging system, and even create bookings to clearly communicate when the babysitter is needed.

  1. Be clear about the number of hours

Make sure that you are very clear about the amount of hours the babysitter has to work. This is key because if this is not communicated well enough, this can lead to disappointment on either or both sides. Make sure to also be clear when you want the babysitter to work extra hours so that the babysitter can see if that also works for them. Meaning, if you need a babysitter with flexible hours, who can be available last minute, make sure to discuss this with them and be clear about it.

  1. Set expectations about housework or other tasks

Make sure that you have been clear about what you need and expect, especially if you’d like the babysitter to do extra tasks, such as light chores around the house, homework help, or pet care. It is essential that you be clear regarding your specific expectations about what needs to be done, so that the babysitter can do their job properly. To help them and to avoid disappointment on your end, create a specific list of what needs to be done and how frequently. This can also be something that you include in a babysitting contract if you’d like to make it more formal. 

If these expectations change, be sure to clearly communicate this as well. 

  1. Be clear about payment

Make sure that you are clear about how much you are paying the babysitter per hour, as this could lead to awkward conversations if you don’t communicate clearly. There are also a couple of things to keep in mind, be clear about how you are going to pay them and also be mindful that if you want them to work extra time, you pay them accordingly as well.

Similarly to the above, it’s good to keep a record of this communication, so that it’s clear for everyone how much you’ve agreed to pay, when and how you’ve agreed to pay, and what happens in the case of extra or flexible hours. 


Clear communication is really important to having a positive relationship with your babysitter. So, hopefully the tips above help! If you haven’t found the perfect babysitter for your family yet, Babysits is a great place to find qualified babysitters in your area. You can filter on the experience and requirements that your family needs and connect, screen, and book babysitters through Babysits! 


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