5 Benefits of Rise and Recliner Sofas

Rise and Recliner chairs and sofas can make for a perfect addition for those who are struggling with sitting down and getting back up from a standard chair, whilst also offering better support and giving back a sense of independence in everyday life again. Today we are sharing 5 benefits to rise and recliner chairs, as well as 5 seated back pain stretches that can help those who are struggling with aches and pains. 

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1. They aid standing and sitting 
Rise and recliner chairs and sofas are designed to help assist with both standing up and sitting down to reduce the difficulty and discomfort that some people have lowering themselves in to a chair or getting back up again. 

2. They are designed for comfort and often offer better support
Designed with the users needs in mind, recliner sofas and chairs often offer all round better support especially for aches and pains and the reclining feature offers higher comfort levels. Electric sofa beds are ideal for back ergonomics and leg rest.  

3. You can elevate your legs
Recliner sofas and chairs allow the user to elevate their legs, which makes them a great option for those with arthritis, poor circulation, fluid retention, varicose veins, leg ulcers, cellulitis, pressure sores, back pain and those recovery from surgery.

4. They can be stylish 
When it comes to recliner sofas and chairs there are so many different option to suit the decor of the home that it's going to be in. From different styles, fabrics and finishes, there's a recliner style to suit every home.

5. They can be adjusted at the touch of a button
With recliner chairs and sofas the user can command the rise and recline with an easy-to-use remote control - so no more straining.

5 Easy neck and back pain stretches for seniors

Stretching and exercising when you are struggling with mobility can be a challenge, but there are a few seated neck and back stretches that you can do to try and stretch your muscles out without having to get up if this is something you are struggling to do. Please do take care when stretching and ensure you stretch slowly and gently and only as much as is comfortable for you. 

1. Reach back - Keeping your spine straight and feet on the ground in front of you, inhale deeply and then as you breath out reach your hands behind you, grab the opposite wrist and sit up taller to stretch your back.

2. Gentle twist - With your feet on the floor and sitting slightly towards the edge of the chair, gently twist your body to each side, keeping your feet where they are. 

3. Neck roll - Sitting with your legs on the ground in front of you, gently roll your neck side in a circular motion clockwise and then anti-clockwise. 

4. Forward fold - For this easy stretch, simply fold forward as if you are tying your shoe lace and try and then try to touch the floor in front of you. Do this 3 to 5 times to stretch your back. 

5. Head roll - Sitting with a straight spine and feet on the floor in front of you, slowly lower your chin into your chest as far as you can until you feel a slight stretch in your upper back muscles. 

Please note: These stretches are as a guide only. Please seek medical advice from your Doctor or a professional if you are struggling with ongoing aches and pains. 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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