My 33rd Birthday - So Many Surprises!

On Thursday it was my birthday! I turned 33! In a way I don't feel 33 at all, but then in another way I really do - I think that's normal to feel that way though as you get older isn't it? I honestly just had one of the nicest birthday's I've ever had. My boys and Adam surprised me in the morning with decorations downstairs, some beautiful flowers, a cookie cake and presents and cards, including some handmade cards (my favourite kind) from the boys. I felt so happy and loved and spent ages arranging the roses they'd bought me, smiling to myself whilst Adam took the boys to school. 

Adam surprised me with an 'itinerary' that he'd planned for the day - I initially thought we were going out to one place, but it materialised that he'd planned the whole day full of amazing surprises! First he took me for a couples Thai full body massage, which was incredible and such a complete surprise! And then he took me for a VR experience where we had a 'ride' on a spooky abandoned rollercoaster. I'd never tried virtual reality before and it was so realistic and fun! After that we went for a game of bowling, which somehow, despite usually losing at bowling, I won! And then after that he surmised me again, by taking me for a vegetarian afternoon tea at a really amazing restaurant we'd never been to before! The afternoon tea was so unique and so was the decor in the restaurant. It was all so perfect and so totally unexpected. 

I laughed and laughed all day long and couldn't stop grinning like a cheshire cat. Adam had been so thoughtful for my birthday and it made my heart feel so full! 

After we picked up the boys from school they had a gym class and then we headed home to play some Mario Kart together. After the boys went to bed Adam cooked us a cannelloni - one of my favourite dinners and we lit a candle and had some red wine. The entire day was absolutely perfect and I feel so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing, caring Husband! 

We also celebrated again on Saturday when we went to Crazy Golf with Adam's side of the family and then back to ours for a few drinks, games and birthday cake. I also had a BBQ with my side of the family the weekend before. I really had such a wonderful birthday this year and feel so very loved and happy! 

Charizard got himself into the gift bag! 

Beautiful roses from Adam and the boys.

A vegetarian sweet hamper from my Mum and Dad.

Such an amazing birthday morning! 
I had this cheshire cat grin on my face all day. I felt so happy!

Afternoon tea at a really lovely place called French Affaire

Crazy Golf!

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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