Household Medications That Will Help Your Child From Tot To Teen

Quite a few people go through their lives with relatively little in their medicine cabinet. That’s if they have a medicine cabinet at all. Things change when you have children, however. You not only shift your priorities, but you’ll have a lot more in the house.

Medicine for your children will be part of this. After all, kids don’t have much of an immune system, so they’re likely to get sick relatively regularly. You wouldn’t want to run to the pharmacy every time they come down with a case of the sniffles.

That’ll be having some over-the-counter medications recommended. There are a few that you should make sure you have at hand.

Household Medications Parents Should Have For Children Of Any Age


Children feel pain just as much as adults. A lot of times, they could go through more times of distress than an adult. That’s driven by teething and quite a few other things. Having painkillers will make sure that this isn’t too large of an issue.

There are multiple age-appropriate options for your child. While these will only be of a certain age or above, teething and other issues shouldn’t be too painful. You’ll need to make sure that you get the right type, such as liquid paracetamol or a topical ointment.

Cough Medicine

Coughs can affect people at any point in your life. Since your child will have a weaker immune system than you, they’ll be more likely to suffer from this. While there could be underlying causes for this, sometimes a cough is simply a cough.

Treating this is quite easy. Multiple pharmaceutical companies have developed cough medicines for specific age groups. That can make it one of the easier medications to keep in your medicine cabinet throughout your child’s life.

Rash Creams

Babies get rashes quite regularly.  There could be multiple different causes for this, from their nappy to some kind of infection. In a lot of these times, it’s not going to be anything serious. Instead, it could be as simple as a heat rash.

Having a rash cream at hand will treat the problem and make them more comfortable. Rashes don’t become a non-issue as your child gets older, however. You might find that your toddler and any young child could get them.

While these get less and less common as they get older, it could still be recommended to have a rash cream on hand.

Each of the above over-the-counter medications can be your first step in treating any illnesses, however if symptoms persist or you are ever worried then you should always consult a doctor.

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