Cool Careers Working With Children

cool careers working with children

If you love being a parent and you’re always the favourite auntie or uncle for your nieces and nephews, have you ever considered a career which involves children?

For some of us, although the time spend with our own kids is cherished, the last thing we would want is to be consumed with other children 24/7.

Whereas for others, tapping into our natural aptitude as people who inspire, protect and educate kids could well be the foundation of a dream career.

If you see yourself in the latter camp, here’s a handful of cool careers working with children. 

Children’s Entertainer

Are you good at juggling?

Don’t mind wearing colourful costumes and oversized shoes?

Can you think up funny songs about everything from brushing teeth to tying shoelaces?

Sounds like you might have what it takes to teach kids through the medium of fun – take a look at this AEIOU Kids Club article on becoming a children’s entertainer to find out more. 

Children’s Author

Writing a bestselling children’s book looks deceptively simple – but a lot of writerly skill, determination and imagination is necessary to come up with the next Stick Man or The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

However, if you’ve got some writing chops and a good idea, it’s certainly worth trying to convert it into a kids book, especially if you can collaborate with a good illustrator. Some of the most beloved children’s literature started life as casual bedroom stories. 

Kids sports coach

If you’ve got a passion for sports and some experience at a high amateur, semi-pro or professional level, becoming a children’s sports coach or PE teacher could definitely be a good move. 

Apart from teaching kids the requisite skills for a certain game or sport, you’re also instilling discipline, teamwork and good diet and exercise habits that will last them a lifetime. To find out more, check out these National Careers Service tips on PE teacher careers

Early Years educator

Working as an Early Years educator is particularly rewarding because you have the responsibility of guiding children at their very first stages of development and preparing a
pathway for them to enter primary education and beyond. 

Typically teaching children aged 3-5, you’ll have the privilege of opening young minds through a mixture of play-based learning and more traditional tasks. If you’d like to study for this career in your own time, an online Early Childhood Studies BA(Hons) from a provider like ARU Distance Learning might be worth looking into. 

These careers working with children are merely the tip of the iceberg, but they clearly demonstrate how diverse and exciting the field is.

From entertainment to formal education, there’s a place for many different types of people in this sector. 

So do some more research to find out which vocation best meets your skills and personality – but whichever path you choose, have fun on your journey of self-discovery!

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